Feng Shui Elephant Uses, Placement, Meaning, Trunk up, Trunk Down Elephant

Feng Shui Elephant Uses, Placement, Meaning, Trunk up, Trunk Down Elephant

Elephant is a popular symbol in China, India and African countries and is used widely on handicraft items, showpieces, bed sheets, wooden doors, buildings etc.

Elephant represents qualities like:







In buddhism, the elephant is one amongst the 8 holy animals. In Hinduism, Lord Ganesha the God of fortune and prosperity & remover of obstacles has a head of an elephant.

The Elephant is considered as a very important Feng Shui remedy for different purposes.

In Feng Shui elephants are considered to be very powerful wish granters.

Elephants are a symbol of great power, protection, good luck, wisdom in the form of a big head, longevity & prosperity. Elephants emanate good positive chi energy around it.

Trunk up Elephant / Trunk Down Elephant

A trunk up elephant symbolizes victory, success, triumph and prosperity.

When the elephant’s trunk is down it represents longevity, fertility, kindness & wish fulfillment. Trunk down can store and accumulate energy.

Feng Shui Elephant Symbols, their uses & ideal placement:

Trunk up Elephant

For Good Luck

Trunk Down Elephant

For Fertility Cure

Elephant for Fertility:

The mother of Lord Buddha had dreamt about a white elephant just before his birth. Therefore it is an icon, good luck symbol & auspicious omen for fertility & good birth. It is an ideal gift for couples who are trying to conceive.

Placing a trunk down elephant in the West sector of your home can bring the charm of descendant luck.

Seven Elephants:

It is more advisable to keep a set of seven elephants for fertility cure. The number 7 represents children in Feng Shui so a set of 7 elephants is a good luck omen for people trying to conceive. Ideal placement of this lucky charm is in the bedroom.

Elephant Pair

For Love Luck and Romance

Entryway Elephant

Protection and Good Luck

Placing an elephant or a pair of elephants at the main door is always a pleasant sight. It is a powerful protection symbol of strength and good luck. As per Feng Shui Bagua theory the entryway elephant pair is called “elephants of many blessings” which retains the positive chi energy from leaving the premises.

Mother and Baby Elephant

For Maternal Bonding

A statue of mother elephant with baby elephant is always a symbol of pure maternal love & bonding of mother and children. Placing this statue in the family sector or children’s room will make the bond stronger.

Elephant for Office / Study Room of Kids

Concentration, focus and curiosity.

Placing elephant at office or workplace increases the concentration, knowledge & success in career. Placing the elephant at the child’s study desk increases child’s scholastic academic success.

Placing a pair of elephants on office desk facing towards customers helps in business success and helps protections from competitors.

Money Frog on Elephant

Three legged money toad is a wealth magnet and a strong wealth attraction remedy. Elephant with 3 legged money frog brings success, prosperity and wealth luck with protection. The ideal placement of this remedy is office, study desk or living room.

Blue Elephant with Rhinoceros

A very powerful protection remedy for people facing backstabbing at work, office politics, threat to life. It helps protection from violent #7 Robbery/Loss Star and its negativity.

Monkey God on Elephant

The elephant is a symbol of strength and prominence while the monkey has unique capabilities of being a quick thinker and problem solver. Very effective for businesses who are facing hardships and challenges with changing environment. Place it in the West sector of office for career growth, stability, success and victory and your quest in money-making.

Special Tip

To grant a wish boon from elephant, rub the elephant’s trunk and just make a wish.

Placement– Always Facing Inside Home

The thumb rule for placing elephants at home is that it has to always face inside the room. Wrong placement may mean repelling the positive chi energy instead of attracting it. Except for the entryway elephants, the elephants that are placed inside home should never face front door. It will repel the positive chi.

Wrong Placement

Wish fulfilling elephant needs to be treated with respect. Never place feng shui elephant at places like bathroom or a kitchen or on a floor. It should always be placed on a table atleast 3 feet high from the ground.

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