4 Most Interesting Facts on Feng Shui That Many Don’t Know

Feng Shui was invented thousands of years before and it holds a specific significance in bringing positivity to homes and offices. Feng Shui for many of you might be something to do with placing furniture in certain directions. The truth is Feng Shui is much more than that bringing all 5 elements of nature together for balance and positivity.There are certain facts about Feng Shui mentioned below that many were not aware of:

It is a combination of 5 Core Natural Elements:

Feng Shui is a combination of the 5 core natural elements which include water, fire, wood, metal and earth. Before the commencement of any setup it is very necessary to maintain a balance of these five core elements. This set up helps in maintaining the energy balance of the place. These elements play an immense role in keeping the perfect balance of the entire home bringing peace and harmony in the long run.

Color has a vital role in Feng Shui

Like everything even Feng Shui has a very important role to play with colors. It is very necessary to select the right colors that go along the entire house in order to mix with the five elements. Colors play a very vital role in the entrance of any house. For best results south facing doors should be painted red or orange. If the house has a north facing door then it is advised to pain them with blue or black color. This way all directions have a particular color associated with them which has to be followed in order for the Feng Shui to bring positive results.

Entrance of a property holds immense significance:

While selecting a property very few people are interested in checking the entrance direction. All get engaged in the spacious rooms and halls. As per Feng Shui entrance to any property plays a very vital role. It decides from which direction the positive energy shall enter and bring balance to the home. As per Feng Shui it is quite crucial to keep an entrance of a property towards the east side. It might also be on the side of the positive energy field.

Feng Shui is in accordance to Nature:

Feng Shui was invented about a thousands of years ago having taken all elements of nature into its accordance. Nature has a very vital role to play in Feng Shui and it is based on the principles of nature. Nature teaches us peace and harmony in order to live a better life. This too is mentioned in Feng Shui where following it will bring the home peace and harmony.

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