Myths Related To Feng Shui

Let’s Debunk The Myths With The Facts

Being a layman, with half-heard, half-learned, half-read information regarding Feng shui, it’s natural to be surrounded by myths around and start believing it as real. Feng shui is not a magic and is not even based on any religion. Feng shui is based on concepts like:

  • Tao: It states the connection between home, family, friends, communities and universe with our lives.
  • Ying / Yang: Its existence of opposite energy together. Without one another can’t exist.
  • Chi: its vitality that permeates the space and be felt with five senses only.
  • Five elements: fire, water, wood, earth and metal constitute the five elements of feng shui which together defines the world.

Feng shui is shrouded by many myths. According to experts, the various common myths are as follows:

Colour It Red, The Red Door Myth:

Red is the colour of good luck and prosperity in Chinese. It’s a myth that the main entrance door of home should be painted Red to attract good luck in. But as a matter of fact alone red colour will not do the magic. The direction of the door and accordingly, choosing the colour will together enhance your good luck.

The “Happy” Bamboo And The Lucky Fountain:

The green happy bamboo and indoor fountain placed in office and home invites good positive energy for believing it to be all is a pure myth. The Feng Shui is based on many facts then just placing two items in your home or office.

The furniture arrangement:

It’s a common myth associated that certain types of arrangement of furniture will enhance positivity and also bring in good luck. However, a new arrangement can give a fresh new look to your home and also can in some certain direction keep positive energy flowing in but that’s not all to rely on. A proper balance is to be striked to reap the benefits of the Feng Shui concepts.

The money plant:

Though the name is quite eloquent and attracts your attention to the decorative piece, placing the lucky money plant alone won’t make you a millionaire and attract wealth. With placing the money plant in the right direction and working hard together will surely enhance your wealth. All the plants in general are a symbol of abundance and prosperity but you have to take care of it and keep them green so as to attract good luck and prosperity and abundance.

The Bagua:

The bagua is the most common and powerful Feng Shui tool. It’s placed outside the home facing the main door attracting positive energy. However many myths are related to its use as well. The myths are:

  1. The bagua mirror is not used to cure or dissolve negative energy
    1. The bagua attract Q I not deflect
    1. Bagua mirror is used in doors.

The hue of your home:

We all are acquainted with the fact that each colour has its own energy and each colour represents a different aspect of life. Certain colours can enhance good luck, evoke your mood and your emotions but only colours won’t play the game.  In addition to selecting the right colour, a balance of furniture like bed, study table will do the trick.


Decluttering once a while will leave your house more organised and clean and obviously a clean house always attracts positive energy. A clean tidy house will lift your personality as well but it’s not an authentic practice of Feng Shui.

Being not a feng shui professional, it’s natural to be shrouded with many myths about the  Feng Shui concept. Hope this article does away with all your myths and next time you follow the concept with more practicality and authenticity. Feng Shui concept when done in right way can enhance the benefactors and will transform your life more meaningfully towards peace, wealth, luck and happiness.

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