Logics, not Myths

Superstitions are beliefs or misconceptions spread by ignorant people because of misunderstandings. “Don’t cut your nails at night”, “Don’t walk ahead when a black cat crosses the road”, “Don’t pass the salt container in anyone’s hand directly “. All these are assertions each one of us must have discernibly heard many times in our day to day lives. When our families and peers told us to do / not do these things, they never gave us any valid reason for such belief. This is the reason why we believe that such things are mere superstitions. But, this isn’t true for all such beliefs. Here’s busting some of the myths which actually have valid reasons.

  • “Whistling at night attracts snakes”

The actual reason our ancestors told children not to whistle at night was for the purpose of silence. Children used to whistle a lot which bothered the townspeople.  This myth was spread just for discouraging them from doing so.

  • “Don’t cut your nails at night”

Parents tell their children that cutting nails at night will hurt them. This was told during olden times due to absence of electricity.  While cutting nails in the dark, you’re likely to hurt yourself.

  • According to some people, when we put on the lights and light the lamp (diya) in the evening, goddesses enter our house, and this is why, the doors must be kept open. It can’t be said that this is an entirely wrong assertion, but there exists a valid reason too. In olden days, no street lights and electricity existed. This is why, keeping the doors open would help the passersby.
  • “Twitching of the eye is inauspicious “

This may be a sign of fatigue, stress, mineral deficiency, etc.

  • “Don’t sweep the floor after evening “

People say that sweeping the floor in the evening and after is inauspicious. Even if you sweep the floor, it should be done starting from the door towards inside. Actually, this act was performed by goldsmiths in the olden days so that they could collect the gold which in the powdered form remained on the floor while making ornaments.

Not just these, there are many such beliefs which actually aren’t myths/superstitions. Rather than being judgemental, we must develop curiosity to find out the actual reason why they must have come into existence. Superstitions affect people’s mental health and make them think irrationally. Even though, their eradication is arduous.

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