Benefits of Wearing Copper

In our daily lives, we face so many problems. Relying on the traditional beliefs, many people prefer consulting a pundit or an astrologer to find ways to solve their problems. One must have noticed that several times they are suggested to wear copper. Here are some reasons why we get receive this advice.

Astrological benefits:

  • One should wear a copper ring in the ring finger as it is also called as the ‘finger of the sun’. This is recommended to people who are furious and have anger issues. Copper is said to bring around positive vibes.
  • Certain people suffer from the malefic effects of the sun in their birth chart. Wearing a copper ring or bracelet reduces the negative effects caused by the sun. It is said to cure the problems of surya mahadasha.
  • It balances our body powers.
  • It also cures the negative effects caused by Mars in the horoscope.
  • Wearing copper also keeps one’s family disputes away and brings about prosperity.

Health benefits:

  • Copper highly strengthens the immune system. Not only wearing copper, but consuming food and water from copper utensils, storing water in copper vessels enhances our immune system. This enables us to fight all kinds of viruses and bacteria.
  • Copper helps to cure the effects of poisonous metals that enter into our blood through the food and pollution. It purifies the blood.
  • Wearing copper has proved to prevent heart related problems in many people. It revitalises the heart and improves the cardiovascular health.
  • Our body needs vitamins and minerals to carry out various metabolic activities in harmony. Deficiency of copper causes gastric problems and if severe, may lead to lesser absorption of iron which may lead to anaemic conditions. It may also lead to connective tissue problems, muscular problems, etc. Not completely, but to a certain extent, wearing copper can enhance copper absorption in the body. It is particularly advantageous for also those who suffer from iron and zinc deficiency.
  • Copper is said to help in joint pain too. It’s anti inflammatory and healing properties help reduce pain and stiffness. It is effective when one wears any of the two- ring or a bracelet.
  • Copper is also worn for the purpose of anti ageing. Copper has antioxidant properties. This prevents oxidation in the skin cells and prevents them form getting deceased thus preventing ageing. It also indirectly keeps the nails healthy.
  • It enhances the cross linking of collagen and elastin fibres. This prevents stiffness of body parts and makes them more flexible.
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