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Ram Navami All about Hindu Festivals of Rama Navmi, Navratri, Dussehra, Basant Panchmi, Holi

This blog tries to answer the most common questions around Ram Navami festival celebrated by Hindus worldwide.

What is Ram Navmi?

Rama Navami is the birth anniversary of Lord Ram – also known as Ramachandra, the major deity of Hinduism. Ram is the Seventh & one of most popular avatar of Lord Vishnu. Prince Rama is the first son of King Dasaratha / Dashrath and Queen Kausalya of Ayodhya.

Why do we celebrate Ram Navami?

Birth of Lord Ram as per Hindu traditions indicates the removal of (adharma) evil (negative powers) and beginning of (dharma) positivity and divinity.

What happened on Ram Navmi? When is Ram Navami celebrated?

Lord Rama was born on Ram Navami. Ram Navami falls on the ninth day (Navratri) of the Indian lunar month of Chaitra. This generally is around the Gregorian months of March / April.

What is Navratri?

In Sanskrit Nav means Nine and Ratri means Nights literally meaning nine night long celebration.

Navratri is celebrated 4 times a year- 2 are celebrated as Mukhya Navratri – while the other two are celebrated as Gupta Navratri.

Mukhya Navratri v/s. Gupt Navratri

‘Gupt’ literally means secret or hidden. Mukhya Navratri is celebrated with full enthusiasm, nine days fasts, pooja and lots of sweets & offerings to God. Gupt Navratri is celebrated differently than Mukhya Navratri. Gupt Navratri has a more mystical purpose and meaning. The worship during Gupt Navratri is generally carried out by Hindu sages for attainment of tantric vidhya or siddhi (attainment of tantrik powers).

Mukhya Navratri

Chaitra Navratri – falls between the Gregorian / English months of March-April. Celebrated as Ram Navami.

Vasant in Sanskrit means the spring season. Since the Chaitra Navratri falls in Spring season, it is also called Vasant Navratri.

Vasant Navratri festival is very popular in the northern part of India. It is devoted to Shakti, Power in the form of Goddess Durga. It is celebrated twice a year – also at Sharada Navratri.

Sharada Navratri – falls between the Gregorian / English months of September-October. It is most popular festival wherein devotees worship Goddess Durga, the diety of power, Shakti / Mother Nature / Maa Durga.  The final day or tenth day is celebrated as Vijayadashmi / Dussehra / Dashera.


Dussehra is celebrated as victory of Good over Evil. It was on this day Lord Rama defeated Ravana and established Dharma. Usually celebrated as a grand re-enactment of the epic of Ramayana on a theatrical level and burning of effigy of evil in the form of Ravana.

Gupta Navratri

Magha Navratri – falls between the Gregorian / English months of January-February. Fifth day of magha navratri marks the beginning of spring season and is celebrated as Basant Panchami or Vasant Panchmi.

Vasant Panchmi

Vasant means Spring and Panchami is fifth day. Vasant Panchami is celebrated by worshipping Goddess Saraswati, the diety of arts, music, knowledge & wisdom. It also marks the preparation for a big Hindu festival of Holika Dahan or Holi which falls 40 days later.

Ashada Navratri

Falls between the Gregorian / English months of June-July. This festival marks the beginning of Monsoon season.

Ram Navami Celebrations in India

A grand fair called Ram Navami Mela is held at Ayodhya, the birth place of Ram every year. Special attraction for devotees is Ramlila act conducted at various places across India which depicts the important events in the life of Lord Ram. Ram Temples all over India are beautifully decorated for the celebrations. Processions / jhanki / juloos of beautifully decorated chariot like vehicles are taken in the main parts of cities.

Ram Navami Bhajan Songs

On Ram Navami bhajans / songs praising the qualities of Lord Ram are played. Recital of Ramayan stories in poetic form and songs is also arranged at various places, grounds and temples.

Is Ram Navmi a bank holiday?

Rama Navami is a public holiday in India. Banks, Government offices, schools and many businesses are closed.


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