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Vastu Tips for Home

Vastu Shastra is an Indian ancient science which helps in designing the architecture of any place by removing the negative energies and attracting positive energies.

  1. Main entrance is where the energy flows in the house so keep it clean, clear of hindrances and  decorated for attracting wealth
  2. Paint the walls purple as this color attracts wealth. If purple color doesn’t go with your taste, place a money plant in purple pot.
  3. Keep the cash safe or almirah in the South or South-West direction of house. Its door should open in North – the direction of Kubera.
  4. Place mirror on wall opposite the cash safe to double up wealth and attract flow of money.
  5. A small water fountain or any water body can be placed on the North-East part of home to attract positivity in the home.
  6. Leaking water leads to financial troubles and losses. Never leave any leaking taps, leaking shower, faulty water pipeline – ensure to repair plumbing issues at earliest.  
  7. Placing bird feeder in the North-West part of home attracts financial prosperity.
  8. Aquarium can be placed in the North-East part of home for wealth. The aquarium must be well maintained, clean and aerated.
  9. Keep the rooms well lit with sunshine and there should be plenty of free flow of air in the house for better flow of wealth. 
  10. Place wind chimes near the entrance door to attract cash flow.
  11. To attract financial luck, place Goddess Laxmi’s idol or image near the entrance way.
  12. If you are facing financial troubles, keep a flute in the house. If you have education or career problems, hang 2 flutes in the house.
  13. Ideal direction for study table is East or North of the room. Don’t keep the study table fixed near the wall. Keeping distance between wall and study table helps flow of ideas.
  14. There shouldn’t be a beam above the study table / chair.
  15. The study room should not be below a bathroom.
  16. Book shelf should be in the North-East, East or North direction of the room.
  17. Don’t place mirrors infront of book shelf. It increases stress.
  18. Keep a bright lamp on the South-East sector of study table to attract education luck.
  19. Best direction for a sound sleep – Your head should be towards the South.
  20. The center of home should be free or should have very light furniture. This helps in free flow of energy and removes imbalance.
  21. Fire should always be in the direction of Southeast or Northwest part of house. Imbalance of fire can cause great problems so the direction of kitchen should be carefully planned.
  22. Having mirrors infront of bed creates ill health,  energy drain, mental disorders. The mirrors in bedroom should not be visible while sleeping.
  23. Kitchen should not be near bathroom. If they are in opposite direction, always keep bathroom door closed.
  24. Lighting a lamp in the evening helps in recovering for ailing patients at home.
  25. While drinking water specially in the morning one should face North-East or East – direction of sun rise for good health.
  26. Citrus fruit plants at the entrance attracts good health in the house.
  27. Placing Hanumanji’s image or idol facing towards south brings good health.
  28. Family pictures should be placed in the North-East sector of house to attract happiness and healthy relationships.
  29. To bring harmony in strained relationships between family members, place a white sandalwood statue in the living room.
  30. If there are tensions amongst male members of family, place a small branch of kadamba tree at home.
  31. To ease tensions amongst female members of the house, avoid wearing red clothes at the same occasion or same day.
  32. Images showing violence or war should not be placed at home as it attracts negative energy.
  33. Placing a wind chime with crystals in the bedroom reduces conflicts between family members.
  34. Keep all the corners properly lit and bright. Dark corners stagnate the flow of energy.
  35. There should be no cobwebs in the house as they hamper the financial progress.
  36. Placing a Tulsi (basil) plant in the North-East sector of house helps in removing negativity and attracting positive energy.
  37. Lighting a lamp in evening near the Tulsi (basil) plant attracts financial luck and well being.
  38. Don’t keep cactus inside the house as it attracts negative energy for health and relationships.
  39. Do not keep any old broken or stopped clocks in the house.
  40. Do not keep broken mirror in the house. Replace broken mirrors immediately.
  41. Spiral shaped staircase attracts negativity in the house.
  42. Image or idol of Lord Kubera in the North sector attracts career luck & success in job.
  43. To attract positive energy and prosperity place an image or idol of Lord Ganesha at the entrance.
  44. The main entrance door of the home should face towards north, east or north-east direction.
  45. Main door should be bigger than other doors in the home and should be strong and decorative.
  46. Main door should open in a clockwise direction.
  47. Avoid having a bathroom near the main entrance door of the house.
  48. Pooja room / mandir or yoga room should be in the east or north-east part of your home and you should face north or east while offering prayers.
  49. Ideal sector for master bedroom is South-West direction. Avoid bedrooms in the North-East and South-East.
  50. Avoid placing a pooja room / mandir in the bedroom. Pooja room should not be below a staircase or near bathroom.

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