Benefits Of Shani Mantra Jaap

About Shani Dev:

The term “Sanaischara,” which means slow mover, is where the name Shani originated. The term “Shani” in Sanskrit signifies “the planet Saturn,” but the word “Chara” denotes motion. According to the Hindu calendar, Shanivara, or Saturday, is Shani Bhagwan’s special day. A variety knows Lord Shani’s names in astrology, including Shani Dev, Shani Maharaj, Chayyaputra, etc. A very important Lord in Hindu mythology. Lord Shani (Saturn) is one of the nine planets (Navagraha) that control the earth. Shani is frequently seen as the bringer of misfortune and punishment. Shani is the seventh planet in the Navagraha. As the son of Surya Dev (the Sun) and Chhaya, Shani Dev (or Saturn) is also known as the God of Justice and Karma and is frequently identified as Yama (the God of Death).

Shani Mantra:

Reciting this mantra correctly may make your life so much better that you’ll never want to go back!

In addition to money and success, Shani Dev mantas may as well bring a new partner into your life or bring back an old one. Proper mantra recitation helps in resolving Money and health problems.

A few prominent benefits of Shani Mantra Jap are

1) With Shani Dev’s blessings, we may reduce the negative repercussions of our previous actions as we repeat the Shani Mantra.

2) The Shani mantras can assist you to raise your spirits and confidence when you feel defeated, despondent, and demotivated as a result of the difficulties you are experiencing.

3) The royal pathways to obtaining knowledge, tolerance, and justice in life are the Shani mantras.

Types of Shani Mantra:

There are different Shani Mantras and now let’s go through a few so that you can start Shani Jap now!

1) Shani Beej Mantra

The Shani Beej Mantra is quite potent and assists in eradicating all of your woes and issues. Regular jaap of this Shani beej mantra helps in avoiding the negative aspects of your horoscope and to live a happy and contented life. By frequently reciting these Shani dev Beej mantras, you can advance spiritually and attract luck and riches. It cultivates persistence, control, and discipline in you and maintains your integrity. On Shukla Paksha Saturday, you can say this mantra 1, 3, 9, 27, or 108 times.

2) Shani Stotra

You can have mental tranquility, avoid having bad things happen to you and become healthy, affluent, and prosperous by reciting the Shani Maha Mantra. Justice is the domain of Shani. Reciting Shani Stotra helps in removing the Negative effects in a kundli .You may appease Lord Shani by using these strong Shani maha mantras. Anyone who listens to or sings this Shani stotra with conviction and focus will experience beneficial changes in their lives.

3) Dashrath Shani

The Rishi is Dasharatha, the God is Shanaishchara, and the meter is Trishtup. Dashrath Shani Stotra is recited repeatedly to please Shani God and to negate negative effects of Saturn in kundli.

4) Shani Gayatri Mantra

The Shaneswara mantra empowers you to face life’s unwelcome challenges with bravery and strength. Reciting this slogan every morning keeps you inspired to lead a decent life.

Rituals to follow for Jaap:

You may make sure that the Lord is happy with you by performing these rituals on Saturdays in addition to repeating the Shani dev mantra. Regularly fast from morning to night. If it’s not feasible, then only one afternoon meal can be taken in a day. Donate black sesame or black urad, light a small oil lamp, and continue repeating the Shani Mantra in your choice of languages. Create cumin-flavored curd rice, present it to Saturn at a shrine, and then feed the crows nearby.

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