Buddhist Tattoo Designs and Meaning – Part 2

The most sacred Buddhist Tattoo

If you have ever watched a Thai series or visited Thailand, you must have noticed that the majority population sports tattoos on their body. Many prefer to don tattoos on their entire body, most of which are also known as SakYant or the Yantra Tattoo. It greatly varies from the famous Buddhist tattoo designs and symbols such as lotus, unalome, parasol, etc. SakYant is part of the Tantric Theravada, prevalent in Thailand. However, the design and symbolism have origins in India. These are known as the most sacred and powerful Buddhist Tattoo designs. The SakYant designs are based on the Hindu yantra or geometric patterns of deep symbolic meanings. The mantras are in the Pali language and in a Thai dialect of Sanskrit known as ‘Kata’.

Followers and monks believe that the SakYant Tattoo wearer derives its power from the master or an Arjan. One must follow the rituals ardently if the wearer wants to attain the spiritual power of this revered Buddhist symbol. Even the master will have to follow certain practices for the best outcomes. The tattoo bearer must be on their best behaviour, be kind to everyone, and abstain from harming others. Nonetheless, it is more related to personal belief than mainstream Buddhism.

Rules of SakYant

The person getting the SakYant tattoo must strictly adhere to the rules. For many believers, this is known to be the best symbol to attract good fortune and for granting protection to the one wearing it as a tattoo. The SakYant evokes certain inner elements of the wearer and blesses them with good luck.

Buddhist SakYant Designs and Meanings

There are various patterns of SakYant, each being associated with different powers and meanings.

  1. The Nine Spires– Usually designed on the back, the Nine Spires tattoo is believed to grant protection against black magic and paranormal activity. It is also believed that this SakYant design also grants protection from curses.
  2. Protection Yant– In Buddhism, eight directions hold a high significance. The Yant Pad Tit design is believed to grant protection from any danger that might befall the bearer.
  3. DefenceYant– Also known as Kao Chee VitYant, this tattoo design is considered one of the most powerful SakYant. The belief behind this design is that life is constant and also acts as a defence weapon.
  4. Wealth Yant– Tattooed on the neck, this SakYant design is believed to attract wealth and prosperity to the bearer.
  5. Life-changing Yant– The Sur Liao Lung is one of the strongest SakYants. It represents power and vitality, wards off evil spirits, and grants protection to the one bearing the Sur Liao Lung Tattoo.

Note- The Yants are typically assigned to a particular position. While the Pad Yit and Kao Chee VitYants are designed at the centre of the back, the Sur Liao Lung is inked usually at the bottom of the back. Consult a SakYant master before getting the design of your choice as a tattoo.

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