Chinese Feng Shui Wealth Gold Ingots Yuan Bao

A wealth ingot called Yuan Bao in China, was a type of currency in earlier days. The value of pure silver or pure golden ingots was decided by the weight of the ingot. This Feng Shui lucky charm is in the shape of a boat with a mound in the middle to represent overflowing wealth.

Handmade by local goldsmiths, the sizes of yuan bao or ingots used to vary and therefore the concept of weighing them to derive at the worth of each ingot.

After the introduction of coins and notes which are much more convenient to use, the ingots lost its significance. Chinese currency is called Yuan which literally means “round” denoting coins. 

Even after discontinuing using ingots as a currency, as per Chinese feng shui, yuan bao / ingots are considered to be auspicious symbols to attract wealth luck and prosperity. The powerful wealth cure symbol of gold ingots is kept to enhance wealth and to attract prosperity, good luck and fortune. To enhance the aesthetics and luck, i-ching coins and yang characters are printed on the golden ingots.


Ideal placement of the wealth enhancer money charm ingot is northeast sector of home, work desk, cash drawers and any place you keep valuables.


It helps in attracting wealth luck in lottery, lucky draw or any competitions. A lucky charm wealth enhancer which helps in multiplying wealth and abundance while protecting the existing wealth.


Feng shui ingots are available in various colours, material (like plastic, brass, zinc) and sizes at With a team of highly skilled team of artisans and master craftsmen, Divya Mantra makes high quality ingots that comes with convenient sizes to enhance the aesthetic mode of home decor. Divya Mantra spiritual products are exported in all markets around the globe. For details please get in touch with us at

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