How does feng shui help your kids?

Feng shui refers to reconstructing the living surroundings to let the positive energy flow. There are few definite rules, elements, and directions that ensure the best outcome to improve the well-being of all. Can we use feng shui in the children’s room is a common query each parent has while reading about feng shui. The answer is yes. Parents worldwide follow a few rules to make their kids’ rooms harmonious. Here are a few feng shui tips to ensure a better energy flow.

Feng Shui For Kids Bedroom

Four Basics to keep in mind

There are four prevalent customs to changing kids’ rooms as per feng shui principles.

  1. The bed should not be placed under a joist or windows.
  2. The design / shape of the room should be either square or rectangular.
  3. The mirror in the kid’s bedroom should never face the bed directly.
  4. The main door of the bedroom should not face the bathroom or kitchen.

Feng Shui Tips for Kids’ Bedroom

The bed placement in the kids’ room should always be in a commanding position. The commanding positions is one where the bed is at the most ideal and secure spot, also providing the best overview of the room. This placement helps the children to get good sleep. Placing the bed corner ways from the door is considered to be the best position. Experts advise placing the bed at a distance separating from the wall. It gives the kids a feeling of protection.

The bedroom color should be a synergy of both bright and lighter shades. It is advisable to create a synergy of both to maintain balance. The parents must avoid colors like bright red or black. Pastel colors in blue, green, light yellow, light orange, and pink are the most suitable colors for the room. These colors create conformity and generate tranquility, thus giving a calm vibe across the room.

It is recommended to keep the room neat and clean. It is natural for kids to create a mess in the room so to avoid clutter, offering kids some incentive to clear the stuff by themselves can be given.

Avoid placing the picture of any fierce animal or fighters with a weapon. These images might make them more nervous, with a sense of pressure to always be brave. The parent must remove any photo or item that reflects violence.

Every kid has a different temperament. Each feng shui element aligns with a particular personality. Finding out the child’s elements before designing the room is very important. The Bagua chart or birth chart based on gender and birth date is also important.

Keep the electronics at bay from the children’s room as it affects the energy flow. Electronics emit bitter energies. These items can influence sleep and composure negatively.

It is thus crucial to create a calm environment for kids. Feng shui principles ensure optimum positive energy flow and generate tranquil vibes, minus the negativity.

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