What is Crystal Globe in Feng Shui and How it works? The Importance Of Feng Shui Globe

Everyone likes a powerful good luck amulet – something which can bring good luck, fortune and also improve the aesthetics of your home or office.

Globes symbolizes abundance, communication skills, globalization, business growth, expansion, education, career progress.

Feng Shui Globe

Feng shui crystal globe represents the earth element infact a miniature form of our beautiful planet.

A crystal globe placed near a sunny window or direct source of light reflects light and radiates positive aura.

Crystal globe has qualities to attract good luck which is very useful for students as well as working professionals.

This luck enhancer is in the form of a small ball of earth with a metal ring fixed with screws on either side. It can be placed in home and office.

The bagua placement of globe depends on the desired results and the user. For career progression, success in business, new customer acquisition and for career progression, the globe should be placed in the South or South-East part of your office.

Crystal absorbs and reflects light & positive energy and is a potent energizer of your business acumen and mentor luck. 

For students’ academic progress, the globe should be placed in the North-East location of the student’s study room. This ensures the positive flow of energies and results in improved grasping power and concentration in academic pursuits.  

If you are placing the globe on your work desk or study table, ensure that the globe is placed on the right hand of your desk for male and left side of your hand for a female. 

For people in communication and media like journalists, reporters, writers placing the globe in the South sector of home or office will attract fame and recognition.

For attracting overall positivity, the globe can be placed in the South-West corner – the earth element corner of your office or home.

For best results, revolve the globe daily in a clock wise direction for 2 – 3 times, Each time for 3 rounds. Keep in mind that the globe should be rotated in clockwise manner only.

For attracting positive chi energy, always keep the area clean and the globe dust free. Any clutter on the desk should be removed and keep the things organized.

This feng shui good luck charm should not be placed on the floor. It should be always kept on an elevated space like a table, window, study table.

While placing near the window or on the table, ensure that it is not at the edge as it may fall and break easily. A broken feng shui charm should not be kept in the home and should be immediately discarded.

To recharge the energy in the globe, place it in direct sunlight. Like the sun (fire energy) provides energy to earth (earth element) similarly sunlight recharges the potency of crystal globe.

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