Feng Shui Horse Placement Tips at Home

Horse in Feng Shui

A horse is a very important animal symbol and is used widely by the Feng Shui practitioners & in Chinese home decoration arts. It is very popular and is often displayed at the entrance area of home or office. But what does it really mean?

Horse Symbol of Success

A horse symbolizes victory, safety, loyalty, security courage, speed, swiftness and endurance. All these qualities are essential for success in business, study and to get fame. Some images of horse paintings depict birds flying below the hooves of galloping horse. This image depicts that even the speed and swiftness of birds can be overtaken by ambitious horse by succeeding in business and career without compromising ethics.

Why is horse placed at the entrance hall?

Horse is considered as a very powerful symbol and is placed at the entrance area to conquer any negative energy from entering the premises and only let positive energy flow in.

Types of Feng Shui Horses

There are two popular types of horse symbols in feng shui. These differ in the purpose and symbolism. The first one is a Victory Horse and the second one is a Tribute horse.

Feng Shui Victory Horse

Victory horse is depicted as galloping with his head facing towards the sky and marching towards success. Victory horse is a symbol of career success, energy, strength, victory, motivation, competitive advantage, new business, opportunities, growth in education field and scholarly traits.

Feng Shui Tribute Horse

A Tribute Horse is represented as a bejeweled wealth horse carrying wealth, money and fortune. This symbol is used to shoo away the negative energy caused by bad intentions of others and to attract wealth luck, money, prosperity, fortune with stability.

Where and how to place feng shui horse?

The placement of horse as per Feng Shui bagua theory helps in achieving the desired results. Horse represents element of fire and should always be facing door or window.

Ideal Placement in Office

As per Feng Shui Bagua theory, South is the direction of Success & Fame. Therefore horse should be placed in south corner or south sector of office for success, reputation, fame and appreciation. If you have a small cubicle type work space, place it on the desk facing towards the visitors preferably in the south direction. For strengthening business partnerships, place a pair of horses together.

Ideal Placement at Home

Place it in the entrance hall or passage near the entry gate to attract good luck, new opportunities and good reputation. This helps in attracting the positive chi energy and keeps away the negative chi energy entering the house. For people who are always in public eye like politicians, this should be placed in South sector. For a happy marriage, a pair of horses is recommended. But DO NOT PLACE IT IN BEDROOM.

Ideal Placement for Students

For competitive success in examinations and to boost the education luck, place the horse at the study table.

Ideal Gift Showpiece

As the horse helps in getting fame and reputation it is an ideal gift for artists, actors, politicians, people in the field of creativity, entrepreneurs, students.

As an entrance hall showpiece it can be gifted to anyone on house warming or any other occasion. Choose from hundreds of Feng Shui horse showpieces from https://www.divyamantra.com/

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