Feng shui monkey riding an elephant is a very potent symbol to gain success and career progression.

In traditional Chinese culture, the monkey is associated with intelligence, wit, and adaptability. The elephant on the other hand is associated with strength, stability, and good luck.

Feng Shui Elephant

Elephant is considered as the symbol of strength, good luck and prosperity. It is also considered as a very protective symbol and it is often used to ward off bad luck, protect from negative energy and to enhance good energy in the space where it’s placed.

Feng Shui Monkey Riding An Elephant

In the context of feng shui, a monkey riding on the back of an elephant is very important remedy. It can be seen as a symbol of a harmonious balance of intelligence and strength.

In feng shui, the placement and positioning of symbols, figures, and statues is believed to be important in attracting positive energy and good luck.

A monkey riding an elephant statue brings good luck with stability and therefore it should be placed in an area of the home or office that is associated with career, education, or travel. It also helps to promote success and to overcome obstacles in these areas.

Feng Shui Career Zone

In feng shui, the career zone is the area of a home or office that is associated with one’s career or work life. This zone is traditionally located in the North area of a space. It is associated with the element of water and the career aspect of life.

Activating this area of the home or office is believed to bring success, recognition, and growth in one’s career. Some other ways to activate the career zone include placing symbols that represent career success. These can be items such as a ship, a symbol of movement and progress, or a water feature, which is said to bring abundance and flow. Also, placing a desk or work area in this sector of the room can help promote focus and productivity.

It’s also suggested to have colors that are associated with the north sector. Specifically blue and black. You can also use objects made of metal or earth, because they are element that nourish the north direction.

It should however be noted that activating just the career zone alone is not enough. Balancing other aspects of life such as the wealth zone, health zone, and relationships zone should also be considered for an overall balance and harmony. For feng shui remedies relating to all zones and aspects please visit


Also, it’s important to keep in mind that feng shui is only one aspect and to consider other aspects of your life such as hard work and perseverance in achieving career success.

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