How to Use Feng Shui to Position Your Desk?

Our workplace is an extension of our mind, where we spend our most of the time. So, the energies there have a huge impact on our psychology and life.

Feng shui the ancient Chinese art is determined by the location and orientation of our space. It rectifies energy imbalances using various symbols and enhances positive vibes, prosperity in our workplace.

Feng Shui Office Desk Placement & Design

Below are some important tips on how you can feng shui your office:

  1. The door should always face the front of your desk and desk should always be in the commanding position or power position.
  • A wall behind your desk is said to offer protection and represents support from other people.
  • Avoid glass background behind your desk and desk facing back of the door. It is considered to be bad Feng shui.
  • It is auspicious to work facing north or east directions. It encourages better work performance.
  • Our external environment determines our internal world. So, it is recommended to keep your surroundings organized. This promotes clear, positive flow of energy and clutter-free mind.
  • Balance white tiger the right side and Left side the green dragon energies by maintaining symmetry of elements.
  • Walking out from your desk from left side helps in career growth as green dragon corresponds to power and strength.
  • Make sure to use Fancy, luxurious stationary. All the pointed stationary should face downwards to avoid any conflicts.
  • One should put out any awards and certificates received in South West corner to bring in more opportunities of work.
  1. Make sure your terrace, garden or outdoor area is green. It signifies growth, this improves relationships with clients.
  1. Introduce energy enhancing plants.

There are some fengshui related products and elements that are suggested to increase financial abundance and double the wealth energy. When working with any of these symbols, our mind should be attuned with the intention to receive it’s best results.

  1. Placing a fountain with three dragon coins in north, which represents water element near entrance of our office or desk specially helps in career growth and attracting wealth.
  • Bamboo plant in water brings three kinds of luck- fu (happiness), Su (long life) and lu (wealth).
  • Himalayan salt lamp is a symbol of purification and good energy. It cleans the surrounding energy and creates a calm, creative environment, helping to increase focus. It can be used in the North West direction of the office.
  • Lighting aroma therapy candles represents fire element. It can be used in south direction for fame in career. In addition, the fragrant environment, also affects us positively.
  • Gold is a symbol of wealth so setting up an aquarium with gold fish near entrance as well as Arowana dragon fish and Gold hen fengshui product works best to enhance finances.
  • Brass lion and bronze elephants remove bad eye effects.
  • Pyrite, selanite are incredible crystals which remove money Blockages.
  • Crystal pyramid, natural crystals and white quartz are also said to accumulate abundance and provide grounding energy as well as protection from negativity.
  • Feng shui Crystal globe is an example of earth element which expands businesses luck & brings new avenues.  It should be placed near sunlight on the desk.
  1. Money frog or three legged toad with fengshui coin in its mouth works like a magnet for money and prosperity. It depicts the frog jumping in the space with all the money. It’s best to put on your office desk.
  1. Keeping Laughing Buddha and Crystal Tortoise promotes financial stability too.

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