Feng Shui Tips for Home Decoration

Decorating the home or office as per Feng Shui helps in activating the specific energy to create a positive aura e.g. for an office or children’s study room it helps in creating a vibrant atmosphere which helps in focus and clarity while for bedroom it helps in soothing romantic thoughts.

Here are some feng shui tips for beginners which can help in activating positive chi energy in your home with simple tricks:

Remove unwanted furniture

If the room is occupied with a lot of furniture or unwanted things which cramp up the space, there will hardly be any space left to create any positivity. So the most important and first aspect before thinking of anything else should be to clean up the unwanted things and remove extra furniture. Stick to basic minimum required.

Flow of Air & Light

Another important factor is to ensure that the rooms get proper flow of air and sunlight. The most important factors which help in creating a positive qi / chi energy are air and light. Light up the dark spots with lamps and have plenty of lighting in room. Dark spots stagnate the energy flow so ensure that the flow is maintained with proper lighting.

Use Plants

Plants help in creating a positive chi energy and use of plants is encouraged in Feng Shui. However some plants like cactus which do not need water are bad chi and should be avoided. Water is a symbol of wealth so plants like cactus are considered unlucky. Other plants like bamboo plant, peace lily are considered very lucky.

Bagua Energy Map

Once the space is clear and the environment is conducive for feng shui planning, make a bagua map to show the flow of energy in your home / office. Bagua is a diagram that shows the flow of Yin Yang energy in all 8 directions. These help in identifying the auspicious areas for different directions.


Colours plays a very important role on the mood of a person. Use the prescribed colours for specific energy through murals, wall decorative items, paint, floor rug, furniture, table decorative showpieces.

Different colours attract different energy as per feng shui e.g. red is for good luck, money; yellow represents thinking & power; orange for happiness; green for healing, peace; blue for spiritual growth, calmness and proper communication; white for purity; black for power, position.

Use Feng Shui Products for Decoration

Feng Shui products signify the various qualities of the particular symbol or animals. Use proper feng shui products and symbols at the right places. The objective should be clearly defined and use only required products otherwise the place may look like a meditation room or a zen place. It should be perfect to suit the purpose.

Match the Feng Shui products with Latest Trend

As the latest market trend of interior decoration changes, even new Feng Shui products are invented to suit the décor. Always look at the current market trend on https://www.divyamantra.com/ and buy products that compliment the interior decor and add to the aesthetics rather than looking like an old fashioned showpiece kept in a modern room.

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