How can feng shui help your health?

Feng shui, the ancient Chinese practice, is about bringing changes to our environment for a positive flow and harmonious balance. Through feng shui, we remove the items that block good energy and replace it with something which calms our minds and enhances our overall health. Can we use feng shui to improve our health? Absolutely. Let us look at the ways which can ensure a harmonious state of physical and mental health.

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Improve your Health with Feng Shui

Here are a few changes you can carry out to allow feng shui flow without restrictions.

  • Center of the house-The center of the home rules the energy level of the home. Remove any item that creates blockage or obstruction in the center of your house and let the positive energy flow freely. This free flow of energy will improve both your surroundings and your health.
  • Add nature’s touch– Nothing is better than ensuring tranquility naturally. Furnishing your house with indoor plants will help advance your health. Plants oxygenate the indoor environment, purify the air to breathe, and absorb toxicants from the house.
  • Flowing water– Do not let the water stay stale. Ensure that water is flowing as it signifies a constant flow of energy. A restrained state of water limits the natural energy flow. A water fountain is regarded as a health enhancer.
  • Light– Living in dark or dingy places negatively impacts our health. However, allowing natural light can re-energize one’s mind and help in regenerating health. Let proper sunlight inside the room but not in excess.
  • Wind chimes- Wind chimes create a relaxing effect on our environment and minds.

Can feng shui also impact our emotional health?

Feng shui facilitates the positive flow of energy in the environment surrounding us. Our physical environment affects our mental and emotional health. Thus, it is crucial to pay attention to feng shui to improve our emotional state. There are three ways through which we can ensure a tranquil state of mind.

Remove the Clutter

Clutter means mess or disarray. If an unused item or an object with bad memories is occupying space in your bedroom, it qualifies as clutter. These objects can be associated with anxiousness, fear, or negativity. Thus, it becomes crucial to remove these items with the thought process that you are physically letting the negativity go. Likewise, it is essential to replace such objects with items radiating peace, love, and harmony. This feel-good commodity can be a simple thing like cloth, containers, notebooks, etc.

  1. Remove broken objects– Keeping broken items in the house, like plates, mirrors, etc., are examples of clutter. Such things consume the energy of people living in the house. Removing broken objects increases positive flow.
  2. Remove unused stored items– If you have objects that you haven’t used for years but have kept in the store room, then now is the time to remove such items. Such items subconsciously weigh on the people living in the house. You should remove any such items from even the store room.

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