FENG SHUI Your Space

Do you want to change your house office or even your garden? Do you wish to change it for good?  If yes, then Feng shui can be great for your space. The Feng shui concept is gaining heavy popularity and more and more people are coming forward to learn its principles and apply it to the respective space, may it be their office or home for better and happy life.

 Over 3000 years ago, Feng Shui was developed in the “land the land of dragons”, China. It’s a very ancient art of harmonising the energy flowing into your space with your environment. Feng Shui is based on energy flow.

Your space – be it your home or your office or your garden is the mirror of your energy and who truly you are. There is a constant struggle to harmonize your energy flowing inside with yourenvironment outside and that’s what Feng Shui does to your space, it balances the energy flowing.

Prior to jumping in Creating, altering your space as per Feng Shui principles,  it’s worth knowing that the basic principle of Feng shui  is based on the placement of objects in the right place in your surrounding. Right object at the right place can lead to flow of positive energy which can affect various aspect of your life positively.

9 is the lucky number in Feng Shui and here in this article I have come up with 9 easy ways to make your house Feng shui compliant.

  • The commanding position:

The most fundamental principle of Feng Shui is called the “commanding position”which simply means placing some object facing the entry door like bed, stove, and desk. Bed represents you, desk represents your career, and stove represents your wealth. It means that when you are either cooking at the stove or sleeping in bed or sitting at the desk in your office, you should face the door but not directly, it’s best to be diagonal from the door but still facing it. But as it is not always possible you can play a mirror and see the reflection of the entry gate while cooking, sleeping or sitting. It is believed that if you take care of commanding position, you can command all the positivity, progress and prosperity in your life.

  • Feng Shui your entrance:

A favourable entry attracts favourable energy into your home. The entrance is the most integral part through which all energies come flowing into your space. So it’s quite imperative to make it Feng Shui compliant. Make sure your entrance is inviting all positivity good luck and Fortune by following the simple steps:

  1. Go Red, in Feng Shui red is the colour of good fortune. Paint for entrance red.
  2. Personal items like family photographs in the entryway are not to be displayed as it is highly public place for of your home.
  3. You should hang aesthetic beautiful artwork in the entrance.The artwork possibly should reflect positivity, calmness and success. It should be welcoming as well.
  4. You can go with placing the mirror in the right place of your entrance to fetch all positive benefits. Mirror should not be installed opposite the front door. Mirror should be thoughtfully placed to reflect positive things.
  5. Use rugs of vibrant colours and texture which add life to your entryway and also are welcoming the guest at your place.
  6. Turn your entry beautiful with placing flowers, go green etc. And also let it be well lit and bright.
  • Clean your Windows:

Clean your Windows regularly, let more sunlight filter into your home. A clean and clear window is a symbol of your clear and clean vision that can visualise world around with greater clarity and precision. Sunlight renders more energy, life to your space.

DIY: you can go for an organic cleanser prepared at your home by mixing white vinegar with water and use this solution to clean your window.

  • Pay attention to your doors:

Doors represent your voice and communication in Feng Shui. It is through doors that opportunities knock into your life, so they deserve your little attention for sure. You should pay attention for the following to aspects

  1. The door should open to 90 degree. Clean the clutter behind the door which of obstruct its opening. A half open door signifies that you are not receiving full flare  opportunity that life has to offer you
  2. Secondly, the doors are not squeaky. You can easily open and close the doors. The hardware must function effortlessly and Hinges are not squeaky. The smoother the operation of the doors the smoother the flow of energy into your space.
  • Make your way obstacle free:

You have a daily path in your home, your physical path from bed to wash bathroom, you heading towards kitchen and the main entrance. These are some specific pathway which has to be obstacle free.Let there be no obstacle to hinder your daily path.

Pay attention not to stuff your wardrobe hopelessly as well. Don’t jam your closet with clothes that doesn’t fit you.

  • Every clutter, mess around is the obstacle which hinders free flow of energy in your space so make sure your path is obstacle free.
  • Bring  greenery indoors:

Every plant symbolises life, abundance growth etc.  in Feng Shui. Bring in plants appropriate for your space, plants which can grow indoors and bring in health, vitality and freshness into your space.Nurture the plants so they nurture all positivity into your space.

  • Declutter your space:  

A home with full of clutter and mess generally restrict free flow of energy.The clutter anyways obstruct the positive energy from reaching the resident’s. It’s imperative to declutter your space.

Do away with broken stuff, throw them away.Neat your space of all dead electrical appliances, watch etc. Decluttering and being spacious goes hand in hand. A more spacious and open house signifies more free flow of positive energy.

In addition to it brighten up your space with proper sunlight good light establishments are very important. Do anything and everything but with a positive intention, let there be a positive connection of your intentions with your environment.

  • Incorporate metal:

Metal are a symbol of clarity, sharpness of thought, calmness and balance energies. Incorporate a metal element to enhance new working schedule and a new life. Decorative pieces like metal bowls, statues, and small sculptures not only add up to the beauty but also make your space Feng Shui compliant.

  • Feng Shui your bedroom:

Bedroom is the most important part of your house personally and in Feng shui as well.Follow the following rules to make your bedroom Feng Shui compliant and have a good night sleep :

  1. Bed should be placed so that is equal space on the both the side of the bed.
  2. Let the bed be incommanding position which means bed should not face door directly
  3. Avoid the “coffin position” where feet point out the door.
  4. Place a headboard as it signifies balance stability and support in your relationship
  5. Declutter underneath your bed from stuff like shoes, luggages etc.as it can cause instability in your life and relationship. You can go for soft stuff like blankets pillows a sleep related items, it will help free flow of energy and also heal you while asleep.
  6. Go for Feng Shui friendly colours. Paint your bedroom. With colour as per you need. Go for red if you desire to ignite your passion, go for neutral shades for relaxation. Take Blues and Greens for health and healing, pick up pink and peaches for long lasting relationships. Most importantly paint your room with the colour of imagination and let positivity flow in.
  7. Be careful about the art piece. The art piece you hang in the bedroom should be such that it lifts up your mood. Family photos can be saved for other room,art of single people or object should not be placed, the artwork should incorporate all positive Vibes in to your room and does a way with depression.

So above stated simple and easy 9 methods is which you can inexpensively try and make your house Feng Shui compliant. I hope this article will help you learn the Feng Shui principles and incorporate while you Feng Shui your space.

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