Hindu Tattoo Designs and Meanings Part 2

Aesthetic Sanskrit Tattoos

In India, Hindu tattoos are getting more popular with each passing day. People do not just opt for any tattoo to look cool. Everyone nowadays is looking for meaningful body art. It can either be a Sanskrit chant or a small aesthetic tattoo of the Hindu god/goddess they revere the most but whatever may be the design, each tattoo is deeply symbolic. We discovered 7 aesthetic and meaningful Sanskrit tattoo phrases in Part 1 of the Hindu Tattoo Designs and Meanings (https://aaradhi.com/indian-tattoo-designs/). In continuation with part 1, here’s a list of 7 aesthetic Sanskrit tattoos. Most of the tattoos in this guide are small, easy-to-get, meaningful and are of aesthetic designs. The styling will vary with the tattoo artist, which means you will also have unlimited design options as per your liking.

7 Easy-to-get Aesthetic & Meaningful Hindu & Sanskrit Tattoos

1. The Balance Tattoo

The Sanskrit term ‘kakṣa’ translates to equality and balance in English. However, the most famous balance tattoo is the Hindi ‘संतुलन’ tattoo. Written in the Devanagari script, people get this word in black ink to attract balance in life.

2. The Peace Tattoo

Not just Indians but people across the globe opt for the peace or the śānti tattoo in Devanagari script. Beside peace, the Sanskrit word śānti or shanti is synonymous with welfare, good fortune, comfort, prosperity, and happiness. A combination of two Sanskrit words, Om Shanti, is also amongst the most popular Sanskrit tattoo choices of people across the world. Another popular peace tattoo choice is the word ‘ahimsa’.

3. The Mantra tattoo

Countless options are available as there are thousands of Sanskrit hymns and mantras in Vedas, Puranas, and other ancient texts. The most simple and preferred mantra tattoos are the Gayatri Mantra and the Mahamrityunjay Mantra. Both are regarded as strong mantras that have deep meaning and impact in one’s life.

4. Translate a line or two in Sanskrit

Be it the motto of your life, your favourite song, or something you relate with deeply, you can get an entire sentence translated in Sanskrit! Select a design of your choice and an aesthetic font.

5. The Shiva Tattoo

Tattoos related to Lord Shiva have been famous in India since long. The popular design choices, such as the ‘trishul’, om, etc were usually simple ones. Recent trends have shown that people nowadays prefer more realistic designs which highlight the mighty aspect of the god, including the fierce or rudra expression. The focus is more on the facial features of Shiva as well. Other popular Shiva tattoo design choices are the third eye and cobra. While the cobra represents Lord Shiva’s ability to control time and the fear of death, the third eye symbolises fierceness and the ability to think and see beyond the obvious.

6. The Krishna Tattoo

When we think of Lord Krishna, the first symbol that comes to our minds is the eternal flute. Krishna’s flute in tattoo designs is often paired with a peacock feather and the words ‘radheradhe’ or radheshyam’. The Sanskrit mantra, ॐ कृष्णायनमः, is the moola mantra of Lord Krishna and a popular tattoo choice of people following Vaishnavism.

7. The Hope Tattoo

We all need hope and encouragement to lead our lives optimistically. The Sanskrit word āsthā, translating to confidence and hope, is amongst the popular small and meaningful Sanskrit tattoos. One can also get the Sanskrit word ‘pratyāśā’ as a unique tattoo. Pratyāśā is synonymous with hope and confidence.

You can customise the design, mantra, or Sanskrit phrase as per your strong beliefs and with something you deeply associate or relate with.

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