History of Konark Temple

Konark Temple – The Chariot shaped temple

Temples play a very vital role in the Indian culture. It is believed to be a divine destination where prayers are offered to Gods for well being. Long ago in the 13th century a king named Narashimadeva inaugurated the Konark Temple with the same beliefs to offer prayer to Lord Surya. Konark Temple is situated in the state of Orissa in a place named Konark. The temple is built in the shape of a huge chariot. This temple is also a part of the world Heritage under UNESCO attracting tourists from all over the globe.

History of Konark Temple

History of Konark Temple:

Konark temple has major connections with few known legends in the Indian mythology. This temple shares a very interesting story on how it was founded. Lord Krishna had cursed one of his own sons named Sambha with leprosy. In order to be saved from the curse Sambha had to offer prayers to the Lord Surya.  Sambha took exile and started his devotion to the Sun God for twelve straight years. This helped Sambha cure his disease and as a symbol of respect he built the temple for devotion to the Lord Surya.

Architect behind Konark Temple:

Konark Temple is one of the perfect examples of ancient architecture that is still strong till this date. Konark temple is designed in the shape of a chariot which is a remarkable work done during the 13th century. This temple is known for its Vastu Kala and is entirely made with granite and precious metals. The shape and Vastu Kala used in this temple makes this monument stand apart from all other temples in the world.

There are beautiful statue figures crafted on the walls of the entire temple. These high quality statue carvings have been praised by many tourists coming from all parts of the globe. The whole temple is built in such a way that it symbolizes a chariot with seven horses and twenty four wheels. As per Hindu Mythology the Lord Surya rides on a chariot with seven horses having twenty four wheels. The same chariot is depicted in the form of this temple.

Facts about Konark Temple:

The entrance of the temple has two beautiful statues of a lion attacking an elephant on both sides. These statues are carved from a single rock on each of the sides of the temple. This statue symbolizes that these lions are always ready to protect their Lord.

The set of twelve wheels on both sides of the temple is the main attraction. These twelve wheels are no ordinary wheels as they show us the different times. The shadow of these wheels helps show the correct time to people.

Every statue and architect done in this temple is a masterpiece and has lured many archeologists from all parts of the globe towards this temple. Many findings show that there existed two more temples in the vicinity of the Konark Temple.

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