Is feng shui real? How does fengshui work?

Where is feng shui from? Is Feng Shui Chinese? Is Feng Shui Japanese?

Feng Shui is a very popular and age old practice from CHINA which dates back thousands of years.

What is Fengshui? Who is Feng Shui? What Feng Shui means?

Feng Shui literally means wind-water. It is also called as Chinese geomancy – the art of placing or arranging various objects (energy forces) in a specific way to balance, harmonize qi – pronounced as CHI energy and enhance the positive energy of premises.

Is feng shui real? Why feng shui? Does feng shui work? Is feng shui scientifically proven?

Feng Shui has survived thousands of years and there has to be a reason for it!

The best part is there are hardly any side effects to arranging objects in a proper way and using certain colours to enhance the mood and positive energy. Finding CHI in a lab experiment hasn’t been achieved by science yet.

How feng shui works? What is qi / chi? What is Yin Yang?

Feng Shui works on balancing the qi (CHI) energy present in universe by a specific arrangement of objects, structures, colours for proper alignment to attract positivity. Qi (CHI) is a combination of opposing forces called Yin & Yang. Yin represents feminine energy, the moon while Yang symbolizes the masculine energy, the Sun. To balance fusion of these two energies with the help of 5 fengshui elements for specific purpose and environment is qi / chi.

What are feng shui elements?

The principle of 5 Feng Shui elements and arrangement of these elements is the key to proper feng shui practice. The five elements are:

  1. Wood
  2. Fire
  3. Earth
  4. Metal
  5. Water

Interaction of these elements with each other can result in a productive or destructive way. To align these elements with the help of specific colours that they represent is an easy way to describe the principle of Feng Shui.

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