Kirtimukha Nazar Battu Evil Eye Protection

Story of Kirtimukha

In Sanskrit, “kirti” implies “fame, splendor,” whereas “mukh” alludes to the face. A powerful monarch named Jalandhara, who “amassed to himself tremendous powers by virtue of extreme austerities,” is when the tale of Kirtimukha first begins. He dispatched the demon Rahu, whose primary duty is to eclipse the moon, as his messenger to confront Shiva in a fit of haughtiness. Shiva had to abandon his bright spouse Parvati in order to take on the challenge. Shiva responded right away by unleashing an enormous surge of strength from his third eye, which resulted in the creation of a terrifying, malnourished, ravaging lion. Shiva granted the mercy requested by a scared Rahu. However, how were they going to feed the hungry demon lion in that case? Shiva advised that the creature consume its own hands and feet as food. As instructed by Lord Shiva, Kirtimukha then eagerly devoured his body, starting with its tail and finishing when only his face was left. Shiva, who was satisfied with the outcome, gave it the moniker Face of Glory and commanded that it always stand at the entrance to his temples. Kirtimukha is a representation of Shiva as a result.

Nazar Battu

A Nazar battu is frequently an added imperfection or flaw done on purpose to hinder perfection. For instance, a loved one’s face or neck can be marked with a black mark (kaala teeka). In homes, a purposeful imperfection could be included in the otherwise ideal exterior. Occasionally, a purposeful coloring error or stitching defect can be produced in pricey objects like carpets or sarees.

Uses & Placement

Kirtimukha Nazar Battu is a hanging Vastu decor made out of metal or brass. This is then painted with either different colors for the attire, face and jewelry or just in a single brass/gold color. These elements of kirtimukha Nazar battu give it a rich look. Hundreds of beautiful designs of kirtimukha nazar battu are available on

Kirtimukha Nazar battu is usually placed at the entrance of the house, office, or any other place. Hanging this cancels the obstacle and enriches luck. This is an old tradition that is still followed by many Hindu families. Few families refuse to stay in a place without it and make it a must to hang it in their own place.

This rich traditional piece is a great decor item too and enriches the place. This is a wonderful housewarming gift for a new start. Now that you know its great tradition and benefits, you may buy one for yourself!

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