Maneki Neko – The Welcoming and Lucky Cat That Brings Affluence To Your Life

Trendy hotels, antique shops, and bustling restaurants have two things in common- they welcome you with a smile, and so does the cat figurine sitting at the front desk. It is common to see a smiling cat at the counters of restaurants and hotels across numerous Asian countries.

Have you ever wondered why these shops, hotels, and restaurants display the statue of a cat lifting its paw in the air? Read on to find out about the welcome cat that might be the perfect solution to attract affluence in your life.

Since ancient times, people have worshipped cats to get affluence in life. Ancient Egypt is the classic example where cats were a crucial aspect of divinity. The people there believed cats possessed a unique power that brought blessings to anyone housing them. Similar beliefs are present in South Asia, especially in Japan and China. People of this region house the Lucky Cat or Maneki Neko (translates to a waving cat).

A Maneki Neko is seen in a seated posture- raising its paw and holding a gold coin to attract good fortune. Today most Maneki Neko figurines have the automatic waving arm in a gesture to welcome guests and customers. Therefore Maneki Neko is also known as a welcome cat.

Here are a few tips to select and place the Maneki Neko at your home, office, or business area.


The traditional and prevalent color of this gesturing cat is the tri-color calico, believed to be the most beneficial and effective color of Maneki Neko. Nonetheless, as time passed, people combined Feng Shui with Maneki Neko, making the welcoming and lucky cat available in other colors.

  1. White– The color signifies goodness, joy, and profitableness.
  2. Gold– This color denotes affluence and money. Most restaurants and shops sport a golden Maneki Neko at the entrance as it is a perfect combo to attract wealth and a streak of luck.
  3. Black– Yes, you read that right. Maneki Neko also comes in black. It prohibits malicious spirits from coming inside.
  4. Red or Pink– You can also use Maneki Neko to boost your luck and ensure happiness in romantic relationships.
  5. Green– If you are looking for a lucky cat figurine to boost your health, you should look for a green Maneki Neko.


  • Left– A Maneki Neko figure raising its left paw invites and attracts customers. It is why restaurants, shops, etc., always have a left palm in the air cat statue.
  • Right– The right paw in the air waving cat figurine is best known for attracting prosperity. Most businesses use this Maneki Neko for the flow of wealth.
  • A Maneki Neko will attract guests and wealth if both paws are in the air.


A Maneki Neko always holds an object representing the correct element based on your

  1. Drum– Often placed in business places, the waving cat with a drum in the other palm brings more customers.
  2. Money Bag– As the element suggests, it attracts money and good luck.
  3. Fish– A waving cat holding fish with the other paw attracts affluence and fortune.
  4. Marble– A cat holding a gemstone or marble signifies bringing in luck and deep insight.

Welcome the Maneki Neko at your home by uttering the phrase Kai Un. It translates to open luck in English.

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