Negetive Objects in house

Objects that might be attracting negative energy into your house. Vastu shastra says that in order to welcome happiness, positivity and success in your life it is crucial to remove clutter from home. There are certain objects, art work and materials that attract negative energy too that need to be removed. Here is a list of some examples

Negetive Objects in house

Broken objects – chipped crockery, shattered glass, broken trays and other similar items are simply stored away, ignored and forgotten in many households. These objects however induce desolation,sadness and a feeling of hopelessness in the indwellers. To avoid this it should be ensured that your accessories have no cracks your sheets have no stains and if something breaks it should be repaired immediately or discarded.

Negative artworks – Imagine of a crying child, a shipwreck and artworks that create confusion a sunset artwork etc. can create an environment of pain and sorrow. Similarly water depicting pictures like a waterfall, aquarium, ocean and rain when placed in the bedroom can cause financial issues and emotional and mental problems. The reason for this is that water is an unstable element and creates an unsettled environment at home.

  1. Torn clothing – Worn out clothes, torn outfits and patchwork quilts can create issues in your love life. Every once a month, rummage through your cupboards and remove items that are faded or you no longer use. Old clothes hamper the renewable energy at home.
  2. Dead animals – Taxidermy animals, tiger and panther skin, ivory, shell, snails, or antlers have stagnant energies which are being interrupted continuously by death which looms over.
  3. Bonsai Plants – Vastu says that anything that is unnatural should not be placed inside the house. Because of this vastu also says to avoid keeping bonsais as they are shrunk and are not allowed to grow to their full potential.
  4. Dried or artificial flowers – According to vastu shastra nature is always welcomed with open arms in a house but flowers or plants that have wilted or dried can have an opposite impact on the indwellers. Wilted, dead flowers trammel the flow of energy. Carnations bring bad luck and should be avoided indoors. They can be grown outdoors or in the garden. Plants with thorns should also be avoided as these create interpersonal issues amongst the members.

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