Obsidian Wealth Bracelet – Since Then, My Life Has Been Good

What is obsidian?

Obsidian stone looks very beautiful with black colour on the outside and a tinge of sparkly golden in bright light.

Obsidian bracelet is a preferred feng shui remedy to gain confidence and self respect. It keeps the negative energies away and attracts good luck, money and fortune. Obsidian is a very powerful stone that does wonders for improving self-esteem & image. It turns one’s weaknesses into strengths and improves self confidence. Very useful in improving self confidence and self-esteem for people with confidence issues & shame / shyness. Obsidian stone will induce personal development and help in overcoming all the hurdles coming in the way.

Stone of Protection

The properties of obsidian stone are that it will shoo away the negativity and evil intentions, thoughts. It also helps in coping up with depression and stress. Strongly recommended feng shui remedy. This stone helps in personal protection for getting positivity. Helps in fighting with stressful situations, anxiety, bullying at workplace or in school.

Healing Properties & Uses

A strongly protective stone, it will shield you against negativities or bad intentions, alleviates depression or stress, and disperses unloving thoughts. A very personal stone of protection, wear Obsidian to counter bullying in any form. This stone forms a personal protective layer that keeps you protected against sha chi energy which are killing energies or attacking energies, negativity, buri nazar, bad intentions, evil eye from others who wish to harm you.

At workplace the people who suffer from backstabbing and office politics will benefit immensely with feng shui remedy of obsidian bracelet. Recommended for people who had a troubled past or a trauma which is creating fear, bad thoughts, nightmares, hard feelings, breakups, lost love and depression this stone will help your mind recover from such thoughts and tragedies of the past and bring peace of mind during such change in circumstances. 

Obsidian crystal has natural properties to bring focus and clarity to the mind by removing confusions and contradictory beliefs. It helps in exploring yourself with clarity and spiritual achievements and alleviation. The physical properties of obsidian are well known to help in digestion and detoxification of body. For people who want to quit any substances & dependencies like smoking, drinking, drugs or unhealthy eating it is believed to help a lot. It also helps in recovering fast and aids in healing body tissues and cells.

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