Sambrani Cup Benefits – Use This Agarbatti Cup to Cleanse Your Environment

Incense or agarbatti burning has been part of the daily lives of Indian subcontinent inhabitants from 3300 to 1300 BCE. The agarbatti not only holds importance in different religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism but also has aspirational values. It is a popular misconception that Agarbattis are only related to spiritual and religious settings. However, be it your living room or bedroom, the incense purifies the surroundings and helps one to relax. Incense burning is about the environment around us, especially indoors.

What is Sambrani?

Did you know that agarbatti was burnt in the Vedic times for healing activities? Agarbattis are known to have medicinal values and keep one’s mind calm and focused. One such type of agarbatti that has medicinal value is the Sambrani. In Ayurveda, Sambrani refers to a yellow resin obtained from the bark of the Sal or similar tree. The Sambrani is also referred to as benzoin resin. The use of Sambrani is more prevalent in the South Indian states like Tamil Nadu, where people have been using Sambrani agarbattis for centuries.

5 Benefits of using the Sambrani Cup

Along with the medicinal value, there are several benefits of using the powerful Sambrani agarbattis.

  1. Kills Bacteria in the environment– Often found in cup-shape, findings now suggest that Sambrani agarbattis helps to kill bacterias present in the air and on the surface. It is recommended to place the Sambrani everywhere if someone in the house is sick.
  2. Stress Buster– The properties of Sambrani help you to relax after a stressful day. How so? Sambrani has been used since ancient times and is known to bring a harmonious balance to the environment because of its fragrance. If you are angry or sad, just light up a Sambrani cup, and you will notice a change in your mood! It also helps in relieving headaches.
  3. Air Purifier– Sambani cups are well-known air purifiers. The properties act as excellent air cleaners. This is also a reason why Sambrani incense is used in the house after the demise of a person.
  4. Nourishes Hair– The Sambrani incense smoke, when used properly, gives natural nourishment to hair. In ancient times, women using Sambrani agarbatti for healthy hair after bathing was a common phenomenon. Usually, a basket is placed over the Sambrani cup, which regulates the steam flow. Apart from the nourishment, the Sambrani incense steam makes the hair fragrant.
  5. Wards of Insects– Lighting the Sambrani cups in the evening also helps in keeping the insects away, especially mosquitoes.

How much Sambrani Agarbatti should you use?

Like everything, the Sambrani incense comes with the caution that one should not use it too much. Just mild Sambrani will make the atmosphere rejuvenating and stimulating. The fragrance of Sambrani cups is long-lasting. For best results, light up the Sambrani cup at least twice a week.

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