Shani Dev The Legendary Lord

“Om nilaanjana Samaabhasam, Ravi Putram Yamagrajam

Chhaya Martanda Samhubhutam, Tama Namami Shanescharam”

The above stated is the main mantra of lord shani. It means:

The supreme god, one who is glowing like a blue mountain and equal to that of bhasma. He is son of Sun god and elder brother of Yama, the god of death. One who is born to chhaya and sun god, I bow down to the slow moving one.

Among all 9 celestial beings, perhaps shani dev is the most legendary and most dreaded god in the Hindu mythology. Saturn is the English name of shani deva. Shani as the name suggests is the lord of Saturday, the seventh day of the week. Shani owes its origin to Sanskrit word “shanaye karma”, the one who moves very slowly. According to the Hindu mythology, shani is lame or limp and thus accounts for his slow pace. Shani takes almost 30 years to complete one rotation around the sun.

Shani dev, son of lord sun and mother chhaya belongs to teil community {oil vendors}. Shani dev is often portrayed as black complexioned, seating on crow, clad in black holding daggers, a sword and arrows. Shani deva is referred to with multiple names like:

  • Chhayaputra
  • Suryaputra
  • Kakadhawaja
  • Pippalshraya
  • Pingala
  • Sauri
  • Konastha
  • Roudhraantak
  • Shanischaraya
  • Shanessvara

Shani dev often considered inauspicious and believe to render only misfortunes and sufferings and no boon and blessings. Shani dev is most dreaded lord because of the Sade sati of shani. The term Sade sati is combination of two words Sade meaning ½ half and sati means 7 seven. The transition of Saturn through 12th, 2nd and 1st house from the natal moon is what termed as shani Sade sati. It is generally opined by experts that every individual experiences Sade sati once in his/her lifetimeThere are few mythological stories associated with shanischaraya explaining its negative impact on the native’s life and thus rendered as the dreaded lord. Let’s read to understand the same:

As soon as shani dev was born, sun went into eclipse rendering darkness. This is the impact of lord shani.

It didn’t exclude King Harish Chandra, the man who upheld truth, was forced to leave his kingdom and sell his wife in the market of Banaras.

King Vikramaditya going through shani Sade sati had to leave his kingdom and was charged with stealing. Shani has ill effects on the reputation of the native.

Even gods were not spared by shani and its adverse effects. Lord Ram had to go to exile for 14 years, Sita, went missing during the exile. Lord Krishna was also defamed of theft of syamantakmani.

Apart of these, king Nal and Pandavas were dejected and forced to leave their kingdom with no fault of their own. According to astrologers, shani Sade sati results in pain and sufferings and causes harm.

The various ill-effects of shani Sade sati on the native depends upon the moon sign or janam Rashi.

  • The Sade sati of Saturn has negative effects on the signs like Taurus, Libra, Capricorn, and Aquarius.
  • The shani Sade sati has adverse effects on the Aries, Cancer as they both are universal enemies.

 The various ill effects of it are as follows:

  • Delayed results, dejection, stress
  • Loss of money
  • Deterioration of native’s health.
  • Constant mental agony
  • Harm to reputation
  • Children’s suffering
  • Harm from hidden enemies.

Like every problem has a solution, similarly the ill effects of shani Sade sati can be nullified or lessen with the practice of following remedies:

  • Chanting shani mantra for 23 days and 10 mala each day will surely increase the positive effects.
  • Worshipping lord shani with lighting sesame oil lamp on Saturday is one best remedy.
  • Worshipping lord Hanuman can reduce the negative impact as lord Hanuman is the lord of Saturday.
  • Donating leather chappals, black cloth, blankets to the needy.
  • Feeding crows as crow is the vehicle of lord shani, feeding black dog is also auspicious.
  • Wearing gem stone can also enhance positive effects. Gems like blue sapphire, black zircon etc.

Shani, the lord of Saturn is also incarnation of lord Vishnu and thus is the god of justice. The Sade sati is blessing in disguise. It delivers results as per the deeds, action, and speech of the native in the present life itself. The planet is the planet of dispassion and human values teaches during the period, the value of justice and importance of law of karma i.e. you get what you give. In contrary to the conventional belief  it breaks the illusion and gives a clear vision and teaches you to accept the truth. The pain and suffering are panacea which transforms a man and gains more understanding of life and spiritualism.

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