Swastik Sign

According to the Hindu tradition, the sign of swastik is considered to be auspicious. Before beginning any significant activity, the swastika is drawn. The swastik is considered to be a sign of purity and auspice. The word swastik is derived from the words “su” and “astik”. The word “su” means auspicious and the word “astik” means to be.

Apart from being auspicious, the swastik sign also has a meaning. This sign consists of four different kinds of lines. These four lines are drawn towards east, west, north and south. Also, according to Hindu religion, it is said that these four types of lines symbolize the four Vedas- Rigveda, Yajurveda, Samveda and Atharvaveda. While according to some, these symbolize the four Ashramas (Brahmacharyashrama, Grihasthashrama, Vanaprasthashrama, Sanyasashrama) or the four gods: Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh, Ganesh. Another belief says that they represent the four yugas (युग)- satya, dwapar, treta and kali. It is said that the swastik means that time and creations keep moving round and round these yugas. There exist more beliefs; the above are the most common out of them. The four dots in the swastik also have various meanings.


The colour of the swastik is red. The red colour has an importance in ancient Indian history. This colour symbolizes victory, bravery and love. The kumkum and sindoor are also red in colour. It is said that this colour is very powerful and leaves an impact on a person better than any other colour can. This is why; the swastik is red in colour.

The swastik has importance not only in Hindu tradition, but also other religions like Buddhism and Jainism also. The mirror reflected sign of swastik exists on the chest of the idols of Lord Buddha. Some also believe that it exists on his palm, legs and heart too. According to Jains, the swastik symbolizes the seventh tirthankara Suparshvanath. Also, not only India but other countries too consider it to be a holy, prosperous and auspicious sign. The swastik formation was used by the Nazis (in Germany as well as Americans).

The swastik is very powerful as it spreads positivity and also helps in killing the Vastu Dosh. According to Vastu Shastra, when the door or entrance has a swastik made on it, the house proves to be lucky and prosperous for the family. This leads to peace and helps in attracting wealth too. This is why, when people, especially Hindus buy a new home, they enter the house after making a swastik mark on the entrance. The palm of Lord Ganesh also contains this sign. That is why, before beginning any poojas, people begin them by drawing a swastika.

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