Switchwords For Love and Relationships

You must have heard this phrase that we are the creator of our own life. In reality the merit for this goes to the power of our subconscious mind or law of attraction.

There are eminent personalities like Joseph Murphy, Swami Vivekananda that have mentioned how to use our power of mind and universe to manifest all our desires – From money to relationships to solving bigger to small little problems.

How do switchwords work?

Perception or thoughts create reality. The reality we face is a reflection of our mindset.

A recent study by Dr Bruce Lipton has scientifically proven this fact.

For instance, if you believe firmly that you are blessed with a blissful love life and married life, you would actually feel it.

But on the other hand if someone is quite fearful about his relationship, Karma and a little pessimistic, they might have to suffer in the relationship area of their life in reality.

So to Change our reality, we need to change our thinking pattern and our mindset. In order to feed a new, everlasting idea or reprogram our mind there are certain techniques like using switch words, affirmations, visualization, and gratitude.

Switchwords are the words that switch a certain emotion within us and bring consciousness to the desired part of our life.

Switchwords help to shift our energy, make us feel uplifted, positive and grateful.

Just like switch words there are switch places, Switch person and Switch things like perfumes, switch clothes etc.

Affirmations or switch words are the key to manifestations. By chanting them repeatedly with faith, gratitude, feeling and surrender to the universe. New vision and ideas easily get implanted in subconscious mind with chanting and this results in manifestation in the outer world.

Attract love with Switchwords:

To manifest love from a specific person, attract a soul mate or Twin-Flame, get your ex back or love from a crush and regain the charm of the relationship, these words can be used.

If a person is going through a hard time in a relationship and for any kind of relationship issues be it with family or friends.

The mind needs to be reprogrammed. We need to feed better thoughts and ideas in our mind. E.g. feeling and chanting that I have blessed love life and blissful married life, it is filled with harmony and unconditional love, will actually start to improve things.

To Manifest a magical relationship with your partner one should refer to the following:

  • Having 100% faith in the powers of the universe or God.
  • Surrender your intention and release all doubts and fears.
  • Don’t wait, be patient and believe that things will happen.
  • Gratitude in advance to God increases the speed of manifestations.
  • You will Automatically release positive energy in the cosmos.
  • One should use thank you very oftenly as  switch words.

Our subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between imagination and reality and only understands repetition.

Therefore, visualizing yourself with your partner multiple times will actually make chances of you meeting them in reality.

How & when to chant switchwords?

They say that the best time to affirm and make any message reach our subconscious is the time when we wake up or the time when we feel sleepy or about to sleep at night.

But, irrespective of the time, keep on reminding yourself about the intention and keep on chanting the switch words throughout the day whenever you feel comfortable.

There is no certain time limit upto which you need to chant. Ideally for 21 days. So, keep on chanting or writing your affirmations or switch words as the universe falls in love with a stubborn heart.

Patience is the key. Be patient and follow the Rituals and techniques. Don’t doubt this creates blockages in your manifestation. It is obvious to get anxious and wonder when the things will happen. Once the thoughts are aligned with the universe, manifestation of desires begin to show results.

Switchwords for love work much better when we can feel the voice, touch, smell, warmth of the person.

One can use their clothes, recorded voice, gifts, pictures with them and recall the best moments to intensify happy emotions.

Switchwords for love:

Some switch words that we need to use on daily basis are as follows –

  • Together Divine Whole love or Together Divine Love – this helps to attract your soulmate or improve relationships.
  • Suddenly reach connect Between – using this they will get in touch with you soon.
  • Allow love together be now somehow
  • Venus Bring Divine love together
  • Love and Joy – the word in itself can be used generally to increase love between family and friends.
  • Thank You God we are Happily Married
  • Thank You God for blessing And protecting our relationship

One can also use full name of the person like –

  • (NAME) and I have magical Loving Relationship
  • (NAME) Loves me unconditionally

One should use any set of words in any language that they are comfortable with. One can make their own switch words and even write them daily for like 55, 21, 101 times daily for 21 days.

Because the main motive of these words is that the message should reach the subconscious mind and once it does it will definitely become your reality.

To increase the efficiency of Switchwords for love-

  • Act like you are blessed when it comes to love and relationships.
  • Bless other couples, genuinely wish them good luck, congratulate them.
  • Surround yourself with idols of a couple. Gods and goddesses are a great symbol of unionship and this will send a positive signal to the universe in return to which things will start aligning.
  • Listening to love songs while chanting switch words will keep up and enhance the sweet emotions of love within you and would work even faster.

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