Tarot card readings

Sometimes we wonder how to come out of difficult situations in life, karmic phases, what decisions to make, what steps to take…?

Or sometimes we worry excessively about the future. We all go through such ups and downs of life where we need guidance.`

Tarot readings are all about instructions, divine messages, given by spirit guides, angels, ancestors from the spirit realm.

By the help of tarot cards they guide and protect us through our life paths.

Tarot cards assist us to bring our consciousness to present time and  understand the difficulties, so that we can work on them and improve our lives.

These are energy sensitive, mystical and work on vibes.

Tarot cards put a more meaningful perspective on the past, give you a great understanding of present situations and reveal different possibilities of the future.

Origin Of Tarot Cards

The original purpose of the tarot cards was to play games.

Widespread use of cards for divination started in the late 1700’s in Italy. People started using them as occult sciences to navigate their path in life. Etteilla the French occultist was the first tarot card reader who published his ideas about tarot, astrology and five elements. Connecting all of them together he released the first definitive guide of tarot reading and his own deck.

How does tarot card reading work

There are 78 cards in a deck.

22 cards are major arcana and 56 are minor arcana or triumphs. Major arcana show the bigger picture and are the strongest, impactful part of the deck. They denote Big events and major breakthroughs in life.

Minor arcana are used in reference to everyday actions, daily life situations. They resolve general basic queries and carry the energy of 5 elements

Cards have Four different suits –

Swords, pentacles, wands, cups each signifying particular energies like Air, Earth, fire, water respectively.

Wands (Fire energy) denotes – passion, brightness, new concepts.

Pentacles (Earth energy) denotes – money, career, finances.

Cups (water energy) denotes – emotion, intuition.

Swords (air energy) denotes – actions, decision making.

Artist designs for Tarot deck vary from as old as 18 century style to cartoon like designs.

What Is The Working Behind Tarot Card Readings

You might be thinking about how some cards can be accurate with our past, present and future lives.

Actually, in reality most of our belief systems, thinking patterns and experiences are stored in subconscious levels of our mind.

Most of the answers to our questions lie within us. More than 95% of our daily activities are controlled subconsciously, that is we only have 5% of control over our actions.

A major chunk of our subconscious actions are not detectable. But, tarot cards portray real emotions, situations, frame the issues and help us to learn from the past in a better format, which is easily understood by tarot card readers. This indicates that a majority of tarot predictions are based on collection of subconscious memories and programming which can be changed by doing affirmations, visualization.

One needs to understand that tarot cards or even astrology cannot predict the exact, finite future. Most people use it to receive guidance for problems or questions that they have in their lives.

Things To Know Before Getting A Tarot Card Reading

Tarot card readers have magical intuitive powers.

They must be in tune and deeply connected with the deck they are using, so that they feel comfortable in channeling their energy into each card, diving deep into pictures,symbolism and meanings that the author of the deck has mentioned.

Tarot Readers use different decks made by authors and writers. These decks have beautiful artwork and deeper meanings.

Perhaps the author of the deck might twist or add things but functionally the meaning would remain the same.

Tarot cards are fixed, the core meaning remains the same.

Some readers also use oracle cards that are different, they are according to the author, channeled through the author.

For instance, wisdom of the oracle. It’s a quite popular deck which is written by Colette Baron-Reid.

The artwork on the cards is very appreciable and the guide book also contains a lot of information.

Travel oracle cards by, Dennis Linn are great as well, oftenly used. They have a dreamy, fairy tail like symbolism and picturisation.

Energy oracle cards are mostly used by Indian tarot readers.

One can go with 2 kinds of readings-

  • Question readings when you want guidance on something specific
  • General readings

Usually they use methods to pull out three cards which show past, present and future outcomes after shuffling.

Clean the energy first

Inquirer before the reading, or even the reader should clean their energy. This can be done by using singing bowls or healing chakra bowls; their frequency cleans and relaxes us from many conscious thoughts that may arise and interfere with natural energy flow of the cards. It also helps us to reach a higher vibration so that one can easily understand the divine message.

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