The Scientific Reason For Touching Elders’ Feet

Touching elders’ feet is showcased very commonly in all the Hindu literature and there can really be no Hindu who doesn’t know this gesture. This tradition has been passing through centuries and still continues to exist.

Bowing down and touching the parents, relatives, teachers, or any elder is a sign of showing respect and is also symbolized as ending a person’s ego. This is a really beautiful tradition and this gesture’s meaning reflects one of the wonderful values of Hindusim which many people admire. People from a very young age are taught to do this and eventually becomes a habit for them.


The proper way of performing this gesture is

A respectable or elderly person’s feet should be touched, but before you do so, you must bow your upper body without lowering your knees. To touch the person’s feet, extend your arm in a forward motion. Ensure the arms are parallel to the torso and straight. You must place your left hand on the person’s right toe and your right hand on their left toe. The elder will then cover your head with his or her right hand and bless you before continuing. And those blessings are translated to an extraordinary life, future, and many more wonders in the person’s life.

Now that you are aware of the tradition, let’s get into the scientific reason behind this wonderful gesture.

  1. The human body is said to have both negative and positive electrical charges. Human body current flows from left to right, with the left carrying negative energy and the right carrying positive current. Consequently, a circuit made of two parts, either positive or negative, is completed. Therefore, it is advised that we cross our hands while touching our feet. such that equally, negative current flows together in a circuit and equally positive current flows in a uniformed circuit. As a result, the circuit created by both currents gets cohesive.
  2. We are all aware that the body is covered in nerves that exit the brain. The tips of the hands and feet are where these nerves terminate. Therefore, the energies of both bodies are united when you touch the elder’s opposing foot with your fingertips. Energy may be received by the fingers and palms and given by the feet of another person.
  3. Blood circulation is improved by bowing and contacting the feet, which is healthy.

So now that you’ve explained the importance of bowing and touching elders’ feet, you must know that this is a really great gesture and can continue to exist through us. Our tradition is marvelous by itself and as we keep on knowing the scientific facts we just get amazed.

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