Tibetan Rotating Drum

Tibetan rotating drums or prayer wheels are an essential part of buddhist temples. This miraculous drum has the power to multiply your prayers. As a result of which, the devotees are able to express millions of prayers.

How does it work?

Prayer wheels are packed with inscriptions of mantras. These are sacred spells connected to certain deities, like the mantra of Avalokiteshvara, “Om Mani Padme Hum.” As many times as possible—in some cases, millions of times—the phrase is printed on incredibly thin paper. A cylinder of protection surrounds the paper while it is wound around a spindle. With only one turn of the drum, microfilm technology has now made it possible to evoke billions, if not trillions, of prayers.

Designs and Sizes

Tibetan rotating drums come in a variety of sizes, from little ones that may be carried in the hand to big ones that are affixed to a building’s wall and function as movable pillars. The wind, water, fire, or human power can all be used to turn them. In a temple, visitors will walk around the structure counterclockwise while rotating the wheels. They benefit from both the prayers raised by the prayer wheel and from circling the holy structure in this way.

There are many different sizes of prayer wheels. They might be small, mounted on a stick, and rotated by hand. Medium-sized, placed at monasteries or temples. Very huge size, continuously rotated by a water mill. However, tiny hand-held wheels are by far the most popular.

Powerful results

An amazing amount of cleansing and merit is accumulated just by touching and revolving a prayer wheel. A person’s chances of attaining a higher rebirth and ultimately achieving nirvana are thought to increase with the number of prayers they offer and the merit they accrue.

Buddhist prayer wheels are said to be so potent that turning them is equivalent to the influence of 100 monks praying continuously for their entire lives.

Benefits of rotating drums

The benefits of the Tibetan rotating drum are :-

1) The Tibetan rotating drum’s ability to embody all of the deeds performed by the Buddhas and bodhisattvas in the ten directions is one of its many advantages. The buddhas and bodhisattvas appear in the prayer wheel for the benefit of sentient beings to purge all of our bad karma and obscurations and to make us actualize the realizations on the road to enlightenment.

2) According to popular belief, a worshipper’s requests are all answered when they are prayed for using Buddhist prayer wheels.

3) There is a strong notion that turning the Buddhist prayer wheels while feeling regret and guilt will help you get rid of the four terrible deeds, the five activities that will result in rapid retribution, the eight incorrect viewpoints, and eventually the ten non-virtuous actions.

4) The Buddhist prayer wheels promise that anyone who spins them once in their lifetime will never again be born with any anomalies, including conditions like blindness, deafness, mutism, or being crippled.

Because they provide a straightforward and beautiful method of elevating mantra repetition to a new level, prayer wheels play a significant role in the practices of many Buddhists. We think that spinning the wheel provides the practitioner with a technique to relieve mental agitation. Take a look at our wide range of prayer wheels from divyamantra.com

Where to buy

The best quality Tibetan prayer wheels are produced by the brand “Divya Mantra”. These can be bought online from the website www.divyamantra.com

Divya Mantra Tibetan rotating drums are also available on large marketplaces like Amazon & Flipkart.

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