Top 10 things to throw out for good Feng Shui

The heart of classical feng shui practice is to study the flow of chi (energy) in a space and how it affects us and our surroundings.

It is determined by the location and orientation of our space, so the forms should be correct, in order to receive good chi (positive energy).

A peaceful and happy home provides a balanced, fulfilled and prosperous life for which the positive energy flow in the house should be in alignment with the inhabitants. To maintain this, below are some certain things that should be removed immediately from our house as they are a source of negativity, unhappiness and poverty.

10 Things to Avoid Keeping at Home

1. Used Items

Sometimes, we unintentionally bring things of unknown origin to our house or use second hand objects, Clothes, Shoes, dolls and showpieces. Before using any such items, make sure to know their full history this ensures they are not carrying any negative energy, emotions or spirits.

2. Thorny Plants

Feng Shui believes that there are some plants that can bring negativity and poverty to our house. Such as spiky succulents, cactus and thorny plants. Their energies lead to arguments between family members. Even, Bonsai plant represents short term growth and declines financial stability.

3. Dead Plants

Dry leaves, dead plants, stale flowers and artificial plants simply collect dust. Even tall plants are said to take up human energy, so they aren’t a good option either.

4. Broken Mirror

Keeping Broken mirrors is a major flaw. Broken furniture, wear and tear of the main door, broken artifacts gives bad luck. If the Condition of the bed is not good, it should be immediately replaced as this may increase problems in the marital life of couples. Also, according to vastu shastra, keeping broken or unused utensils results in economic difficulty.

5. Broken Clocks

Broken or unused clocks should be repaired or one should get rid of them quickly. Remove old calendars.Time is a symbol of growth. So, If the clock is not functioning correctly, one may face obstacles in life or face Negative Consequences.

6. Negative Images

Negative images, paintings of violent animals, war that portrays rivalry among family members and images like weeping, solitude doesn’t support a cheerful environment. A good painting in terms of feng shui is that, which is harmonious and attractive. Basically, Pictures that promote bright energy around us should be used.

7. Clutter

Cobwebs, clutter and dirty terrace blocks the incoming fortune, blessings in our house. Remove any pits or piled up garbage, dustbin and shoe rack from your main entrance.

8. Incomplete Sets

We should remove an odd pair of a set of items. They are made with a balance of yin and yang, so we should throw odd pair if one is lost or broken.

9. Broken Gadgets

Put away broken electronics and disruptive gadgets or loose wires. They should be discarded as they emit strong energy that interferes with chi.

10. Leaky Taps

Old food items should be disposed of. Leaky taps and faucets of the kitchen should be repaired immediately. Do not place pointed knives or objects facing upwards, it might restrict chi flow. Keep the kitchen clean as this is the place where wealth and harmonious energy circulates.

One is guaranteed to feel better, positive and attract abundance after making these changes.

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