Two Mysterious Hindu Temples

India is a fascinating country – a land of abundant natural resources, diversity, and rich culture. There are lofty and hulking mountains in one part of the country while the other boasts the great Thar desert. The diversity is reflected among people living in the ancient land. People of all faiths and religions live in India harmoniously. Of all the religions, people following Hinduism constitute the majority of the Indian population. Naturally, Hindu shrines and places of worship are present in abundance across each part of the country. People flock to India from different parts of the world to visit and explore the innumerable temples India houses.

While everyone might be aware of Akshardham temple or Kashi Vishwanath Temple, not many are aware of the mysteries housed by various Hindu temples. Let’s find out about the two most puzzling temples in the country.

Padmanabhaswamy Temple

Cutting the chase to curiosity, the Padmanabhaswamy Temple is the most mysterious Hindu temple in India. Located in the Trivandrum city of Kerala, the temple complex is estimated to hold treasures worth hundreds of billions. This Dravidian-style temple is both – India’s most valuable and most mysterious temple. Since ancient times, priests and locals have been narrating the possibility of the temple holding unfathomable riches, but nobody dared to open the vaults. Alas, curse and ill fate would befall the person who would open the gates. There are six vaults in this temple. Five doors were unlocked after the Supreme Court of India passed an order. Each opened vault has led to the discovery of gold and riches worth billions of dollars.

The sixth vault, or B vault, however, has no lock. The door, marked with two gigantic serpent figures, simply does not open. Nor do many people try, as the legends have declared the door-opener ill-fated. Fables tell us that the final vault holds treasures worth more than anyone can imagine. Only a specific magical ritual can unlock this vault. Apart from the destined one, nobody can open it without causing harm to themselves.

Sun Temple and its scientific mystery

In the Indian land of temples or Odisha exists a famous marvel of early medieval architecture- the Konark Sun temple. As the name suggests, the temple is attributed to Sun God or Surya Devata. The Kalinga-style temple structure imbibes the mythical chariot of the Sun God.

The main hut-like structure in the Konark temple complex is one of the many mysterious aspects of this place. The most popular one is the possibility of a magnet at the top of the dome of the main structure. Fables note that the statue of the sun god floated in the air. The magnet is said to be so strong that it could make the compass stop working!

Another curious aspect is that the door of this shrine has been closed for more than one hundred and twenty years!

The chariot wheels in this complex work as the sundial, giving accurate time of each second, minute and hour! The baffling facet is the accuracy, which comes through advanced engineering being present in the early medieval times.

While there’s no way for us to determine the accuracy of these legends, it is still fascinating that the legends persisted for hundreds of years and still continue to live on.

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