Vastu Feng Shui Benefits of Elephant Statues at Home

Vastu Shastra gives us solutions to all the problems we face in our day to day lives. Various types of pendants, bracelets, holy threads, idols and statues are recommended by astrologers. One of the most famous advices given is to keep elephant statues at home. Here are the reasons why we are suggested to do so. As elephants represent Lord Ganesha, the Hindu culture considers them to be holy and auspicious. Also, according to Feng Shui, keeping such statues at home is considered as good luck.

Vastu & Feng Shui Tips for Elephant Placement:

  • Keeping a pair of elephants at home is said to increase the will power of the people residing in that house. It also enhances the mental strength.
  • When the elephants are kept at the entrance of the house, it helps the family to lead a prosperous life and helps them lead a healthy life. But, one must ensure that the elephants are facing inwards.Keeping the elephants at this position also helps the family with security. If one wants to ensure protection from evil spirits
  • Keeping a photo/ statue of a female elephant with her calf helps a mother and her children develop a close, healthy relationship and enhance s their health.Placing it on a child’s study table/ in the study room helps the kid perform better academically and gain self esteem.
  • A silver elephant or a picture of a silver elephant when kept facing the North helps one to make financial progress.
  • Placing cushions with covers containing elephant pictures on the bed helps to improve the relationship between a couple.
  • When placed facing towards the east direction, the doors towards positive mojo, good luck and floods of prosperity open.
  • A special application of an elephant with a trunk facing downward is that it helps to improve the fertility. It is said that a trunk facing downward is used to push through which is considered to be similar to a mother pushing her baby.
  • It strengthens the bond between family members.

Listed above are the well known facts about feng shui and vastu about elephant showpieces. There are many feng shui remedies available on

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