Vastu Tips for Business

Vastu Shastra is an Indian ancient science which helps in designing the architecture of any place by removing the negative energies and attracting positive energies. These basic tips will help in attracting financial luck and prosperity.

Vastu Tips for Business
  1. Keep the cash safe or almirah for important documents in the South or South-West direction in a way that the door should open in North / North-East – the direction of Kubera.
  2. Leaking water leads to financial troubles and losses. Never leave any leaking taps, leaking shower, faulty water pipeline – ensure to repair plumbing issues at earliest.  
  3. Keep all the corners properly lit and bright. Dark corners stagnate the flow of energy.
  4. There should be no cobwebs in the office as they hamper the financial progress.
  5. Do not keep any old broken or stopped clocks in the office.
  6. Do not keep broken mirror in the office. Replace broken mirrors immediately.
  7. The business owner / entrepreneur should face towards North / East or North-East. East the direction of Sun brings wisdom and North the direction of Kubera brings financial luck.
  8. The sales and marketing team should be in the north-west sector facing the north-east direction for new business prospects.
  9. Accounts department should be in the south-east sector and face towards the north-east for business luck.
  10. The key decision maker or CEO should have his cabin in the west direction of office and face towards North-East. This helps in better decision making.
  11. Mirrors should be placed in the North sector’s northern wall for attracting Kubera’s wealth luck.
  12. Kuber Yantra should be placed in the North sector’s northern wall for attracting wealth luck.
  13. Stocking up finished goods in the North-West ensures quick flow and sales. It should not be kept in the north-east direction as it creates problems.
  14. Entrance hall or reception is the place where clients have the first impression of workplace so reception should be clutter free, properly lit and if possible keep fresh flowers to attract positive energy.
  15. The desk of CEO / key decision maker should be rectangular in shape and made from wood. Glass or metal desk or desk of irregular shape should be avoided as it creates confusion and bad decisions.
  16. Taking a nap at desk attracts negative energy so this should not be allowed.
  17. Keep desk clean and remove all the unwanted clutter for clear thinking and efficient environment.
  18. Broken stationery should be immediately discarded as it creates financial hardships.
  19. Books should be kept in a proper shelf and not on the desks.
  20. Never show your back to the main entrance of the cabin as this creates a feeling of distrust amongst visitors.
  21. Main entrance of the office should be facing the North, North-East, North-West or East direction.
  22. There should not be a wall or an obstacle infront of the main entrance of office.
  23. The main reception area should be in the East or North-East sector and the receptionist should face East or North direction.
  24. Company profile, key achievements and medals should be placed on the South wall of the reception area situated in the East or North-East sector.
  25. Staircase should be painted in light colors and dark colors like red, black, dark blue should be avoided on staircase.
  26. The staircase should be in the South or South West sector.
  27. Staircase should never be in the central area of the office as it will attract financial losses.
  28. Pantry should be in the fire area South-East. The walls of pantry should not be painted in red or pink.
  29. Do not eat at work desk. There should be a separate dining section for all.
  30. Washroom should be in the West or North-West sector. Having washroom in North-East, South-East or East direction attracts negative energy and should be strictly avoided.
  31. The office walls should be painted in bright colors that reflect light for positivity and not in dark colors as this will attract negative energies.
  32. God idols or images should not be kept on work desk or on the wall behind the back as this will be like showing disrespect.
  33. God idols should be placed in reception area facing inside on East wall.
  34. There should be a wall behind the main owner / CEO’s desk. This helps in firm decision making.
  35. Doors or furniture should not make squeaky sound as it attracts negative energies. Keep them properly lubricated.
  36. Green color can be painted on Southwest walls and it will attract creative thoughts.
  37. Blue color should be painted on South wall – the direction of Shani.
  38. When in doubt, use white, grey and blue colors anywhere in office as these attract positivity.
  39. Red pink or coral colors should be avoided for office. If you must, use them on the South wall.
  40. Office should be in a crowded place or commercial market for prosperity. There should be access to roads.
  41. The workstations which are facing towards the north should have files, documents & computers etc. on the left hand side of table.
  42. The workstations which are facing towards the east should have files, documents & computers etc. on the right hand side of table.
  43. Placing an aquarium in office helps in attracting financial luck if placed in the North-East sector. 
  44. For attracting wealth luck, nine goldfishes and one blackfish should be placed in the aquarium.
  45. Conference room should be constructed in the North West sector of the office.
  46. Keep green plants in the pantry to add a touch of freshness & positivity.
  47. Admin and HR Department should be placed in the south-east or north-east sector of the office.
  48. The IT department or technical department should be in the south-east sector.
  49. The place of worship or temple in office should be the North-East corner.
  50. The windows in the office should be in the east or north-east direction of the room.

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