Feng shui tortoise – types, meaning, and benefits!

The tortoise is one of the four most revered symbols in feng shui. Of the four directions, the feng shui tortoise represents the North. Tortoises have long lives. Hence, a tortoise symbol is associated with good luck, long life, well-being and money. Tortoise in feng shui is also known as a shielding symbol. In Chinese philosophy, feng shui tortoises attract positive energy and cleanse the home and work environment.

Legend of Feng Shui Tortoise

Legend has it that it was around 3000 B.C.E when people living around Lo or Luo river in China were experiencing frequent floods. When the Chinese population offered sacrifice to calm the fury, a gigantic tortoise emerged from the river. Apart from the size, the most perplexing thing about the tortoise was the carving on its shell. The pattern on the tortoise’s shell gave the sum of 15 when calculated through every possible method. Belief is that the carvings also formed the fundamentals of feng shui. Thus, a tortoise is one of the most auspicious symbols of feng shui.

Where to place the feng shui tortoise?

Putting a tortoise symbol at the back of your house can ensure protection and longevity. A feng shui tortoise at the entrance (facing it inwards) facilitates the flow of good vibes, health, financial abundance, and positivity inside the house. Keeping a tortoise symbol near your bed enhances emotional stability and keeps the mind calmer. Feng shui tortoise northward and behind your workspace is favorable for your career. Similarly, a feng shui tortoise near a water body (water tank) amplifies the tortoise’s power.

Improper placement of the tortoise will weaken the current energy flow. Thus, it is always advisable to know one’s Kua number (a feng shui number), especially if one places the tortoise in the home to improve health.

Feng Shui Triple Tortoise

The triple tortoise symbol in feng shui represents three generations of a family. It also symbolizes good health, longevity, prosperity and good luck. The concept of placing the triple tortoise in one’s home can block negative energy. As per popular belief, the feng shui tortoise in residence can bring good fortune and health. Feng shui tortoises in the workspace can remove all the negativity from the environment.

Feng Shui Dragon Tortoise

The feng shui dragon tortoise symbol is believed to bring benefits to two generations of a family. It helps uplift emotional state, happiness, and affluence, and removes negative energy from your workspace and house. The half-dragon and half-tortoise symbol keep the bad energy at bay and away from you. A dragon tortoise in the east direction is considered beneficial for long life. Placing the dragon tortoise on the floor for wealth in the southeast is convenient. The dragon tortoise in the northeast direction is known to increase concentration and keep one more focused.

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