Wind chimes – Tinkling Sound of Health, Wealth & Prosperity

The gentle tinkling sound emanating from the windchimes meanders in the space with positive energy and gets soaked in the space, there by attracting happiness and prosperity. Though opted more as decorative piece but is a vital part of fengshui concept. Beautifully crafted windchimes amalgamated with feng shui elements welcomes good luck to your abode. Apart from adding style and beauty to the house, the feng shui wind chimes are powerful enough to attract hope, happiness, wealth, and prosperity by placing the right type of wind chime in right direction.

Talking about windchimes, it’s imperative to know about the different aspect like the material, number of rods, and direction in which it is to be placed to yield positive fruitful results.

Each wind chime has a different sound that is different personality and performs differently. So let’s juggle the various aspects before bringing in a beautiful wind chime for your space.

Materials And Direction To Consider

Metal windchimes

Among so many types, perhaps metal wind chimes are most preferred one. Owing to the serene tinkling sound produced by the metal rods, they are common in every household.

Metal wind chimes placed in the North West direction enhances the number of helpful people and also safeguards travel and tours.

Secondly, metal wind chimes in West direction enhance creativity of all type and also bring in children’s well-being.

Bamboo or wooden windchimes

Bamboo or wooden wind chimes have their own story and sound to speak. When placed in the East direction, it brings good luck to the family and also promotes good health. A bamboo or wooden wind chime in South-East attracts wealth for the residents.

Ceramic windchimes

Ceramic wind chimes favour good luck when placed in the South-West, Centre, and North-East zone. Ceramic wind chimes don’t produce very good sound but looks quite beautiful and elegant.

Number of Rods To Select

Number plays a vital role in keep the energy flowing and incorporating positive vibrations. In fengshui as well the number of rod in a wind chime determines its effects on the all-round well-being of the residents.

  1. Get a wind chime having three {3} or multiple of three {6, 9} rods to attract wealth, accomplishment and attainment in life.
  2. Four {4} rods symbolises strong foundation and establishes security.
  3. Five {5} rods depicts al five elements and represents dynamic change in a positive way.
  4. Seven {7} is the number of knowledge. A seven rod wind chime helps deepen knowledge and expand the learning horizon.
  5. Eight {8} symbolises all positivity in life like growth, success and on-going abundance.

Wind chimes in fengshui activate stagnant energy. The sound of chimes makes the space be it house, office, garden etc. auspicious by warding off harmful energy. All sounds are energy and the tinkling sound of the wind chime attracts all positive energy. Perhaps wind chimes are the most opted feng shui cures as it has all potency to attract happiness and prosperity for you and your family.

So, bring in a wind chime from for your abode and let the sound of good luck keep flowing in.

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