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Zodiac comes from Greek word zoe meaning “life “and Diakos meaning “the wheel”. This can be translated as “wheel of life”.  Zodiac is perhaps the oldest symbolic language used and understood all over the universe. Initially the zodiacs were based on the Moon because the moon was the most easily observed due to its proximity to the earth but gradually the zodiacs became sun based and the divided into 12 sectors 1 for each step of the Sun path around the earth.

There are 12 zodiacs having their own story each having their unique strength, weakness, characteristics and traits. Zodiac signs are classified based on the following:

Astrological elements

There are four basic astrological elements which rule the zodiac signs. They derive their traits and characteristics from the astrological element. The four astrological elements are:

  • Fire
  • Earth
  • Air
  • Water

Zodiac qualities

Cardinal, fixed and mutable the three qualities these qualities. They  are also called as Quadruplicates. It is the zodiac qualities make a person who he really is and how he react with his environment, react to a given situation and their interaction with people around. Depending upon the quadruplicates,   it is some are initiators, some are hard workers, some are  followers and some are finishers , each of one is important in the team.

Let’s learn about the first zodiac sign of the circle in detail:


Sanskrit name: Mesha

Element:  Fire

Quality: Cardinal

Ruling planet: Mars

Birthstone: Diamond, sapphire.

Lucky stone: Diamond

Lucky number: 1,8,17

Lucky color: Red

Lucky day: Tuesday

Compatible signs: Gemini, Aquarius, Leo

Opposite signs: Libra

Aries is the first zodiac sign in the circle. The natives born between March 20th to April 19th are Arians. They are passionate, outspoken, bold and optimistic. People with the sun sign are Pioneer leaders with exceptional organisational skills and whole top position of their respective fields. Thanks to mars, the ruling planet and the astrological element fire, Arians have impeccable energy and zeal. They are the initiators and also the hero off the act.

Your Strength

Aries, the first sign of the zodiac circle is known for its energy and courage. Owing to the ruling planet mars, the natives born under this sun sign are highly energetic and have a strong desire to be at number one position in which ever felid they are in. They are courageous, taking risk in work, trending the unexplored path excites them. Monotony in work is what they hate. They are filled up to brim with great enthusiasm and impeccable energy. Arians don’t shy to voice their opinions and thoughts. They can’t take injustice and fight for it without any fear. To win an Arian in any conversation is quite cumbersome job.

The Arians are true reflection of the fire element as well. They possess all the qualities of fire like blazing energy, excitement to work hard reach the top position.

Innocence is the core values which balances your outrageous any egoist attitude. With your great courage and strong desire to be number one position you can accomplish anything and everything you venture into. You benefit not only yourself but also people around you & let people around you grow with you. You are a man of actions.

Your weakness

You’re strong will to be at the top makes you stubborn, audacious and inflexible at times. You tend to ignore others viewpoint. you act before you think hence you are impulsive by nature. you can’t take  criticism with  height spirit and go depressed  at times. You are impatient your short tempered. Communication is a big problem for the Rams.

Your career

Being filled with the desire to work hard and to be at the top makes you perfect for any profession you choose to work in but the professions which needs you to work alone suits you the best as you are very straightforward and stubborn.

The Arians should go into military and different fields of martial arts as well so that they can channelize their high energy into a positive and constructive channel.

Arians being highly energetic and courageous they should opt for fields like car racing, action movies, law enforcement etc. So that they can positively channelize their energy. The Arians are the”first responder” so it makes them fit for the field of paramedics as well. Journalism is also very good option for the Arians to choose for as career as they can go into different situations taking the risk and cover the events and utilise your courageous nature.

Venturing into new partnership in business wondering with whom to go forward take a look at your astrological and compatibility chart and let’s discuss in detail

Aries and Aries are you can do great together in serious business or just for fun they can join hands to prosper to great heights.

Taurus, Gemini, Scorpio, Capricorn, Aquarius and Virgo have very little common with Aries. So before venturing into any business partnership please think and then go ahead.

Be cautious while working with the Bull, as a team you both can lack professional commitment and financial organisation as well. There can be constant fight or disagreement due to contrary nature but with little effort you can do fairly well in field of advertising and fashion.

Take care of the roadblock arising because of separate working model of yours with Gemini while venturing with them. They like working alone while Arians seek enthusiastic group involvement. You both can however overcome this negativity with proper communication so they can go ahead.

You can go busy arguing over petty details of business with Capricorns. The business relationship can get really complicated for either. It’s a big No-No to venture into the partnership as both can’t value the partnership for good.

You can only work well and progress and business partnership with Aquarius if you side-line your personal differences and keep professional commitment high. You can find Aquarian energy messy at times. Firstly, you should not get into partnership,  If ever you decided to venture you can take the initiative to  stabilize your partner providing them with you support in understanding to continue as progressing team.

Before entering into partnership with Scorpio and Virgo you have to be very cautious. Since you can never appreciate half-hearted efforts of the water sign, Scorpio you should not get into a business partnership with them. Same is the case with Virgo, though sometimes in a partnership with Virgo the Virgo are the boss and the Arians can deliver desired work for the boss but still the partnership can be a week one.

The first and last sign of the chart together turn a wonderful partnership in business. The emotional side of the Pisces can go along quite well with inspirational ideas of Aries .Pisces can allow Aries to take over them as a boss and that’s the key of everlasting and wonderful partnership.

Perhaps, Sagittarius is one sign which are perfect partner to the Arians for life and work as well. While you can find true Soul mate in Sagittarius, you can progress leaps and bounds in work field as well with them. The energy of Arians and endurance of Sagittarius just makes a perfect blend.

If you have good strong friendship with Librans ,  now deciding to enter even into business partnership you have to be extra vigilant. While both with different specialisations can together be complementing yet they can be rough patches. Decide to give space in respect in strike balance for fruitful Enterprise. Your partnership can go really great with the energetic Leo. you both will generally take up challenging tasks and take great position in the executive world of Corporate Finance, advertising etc.

Your compatibility

Basically, the natives born under this sun sign go well or are compatible with almost all other Zodiac signs but being a fire sign they go very well with other fire signs like Aries, Sagittarius, Leo. The fire element Zodiac signs can very well understand the basic nature of the Arians and also can completely relate themselves to them. Arians also go well with other air signs like Aquarius and Gemini. As  the name suggest air has the property of infusing itself with other elements very easily so Arians go very well and are compatible for marriage and matches with the air signs as  well. You can go for people with the air signs for long life compatibility.

However you can find it quite difficult to blend with water signs like cancer, Scorpio as they are completely opposite in their basic nature. Fire and water are two complete opposite elements and thus their nature is also very different and opposite. The Arians have tough time having compatibility settings with earthy signs like Capricorn as well they have to work hard to bring a compatibility with signs like Capricorn, Virgo and Taurus. However with little more effort there companionship can flourish as well, while Capricorn can bring stability in the relationship with Aries, other signs like Taurus Virgo can also appreciate Aries. All in all, being fire sign, Aries can go well with fire and air signs but can do fairly well with little more hard work with water and Earth signs as well.

Wedding or finding a suitable match is a matter of lifetime and has great impact of happiness and life. So it’s crucial to take care of the astrological sayings and study each sign in detail to find the most compatible partner. Let’s learn with who is the Arian most compatible and vice versa:

Aries can have long life companionship with other Arians. Being both of same nature it’s easy to bring that compatibility. You have to be supportive to your partner because of your egoist nature it’s very natural to compete with your partner too. Both being Arians having tremendous enthusiasm for life your relationship will Spark and can have happening life together.

You fall in love quite soon even without realizing it. But you have to be cautious while coming in relationship with the Bull, Taurus as you both have headstrong attitude, no one ready to compromise. The relationship can suffer. Secondly, you can face financial problems with the sun sign as well.

Aries with Gemini can be good match. With confusion and disagreements at times the match is a good one. Good understanding and enduring relationship is in treasure for both. Similar is the case when it comes to Leo. You can find the true partner in Leo as grown-up Leo can sort out problems. So go ahead don’t be scared to commence a progressive companionship with Leo.

Aries the fire element and cancer the water sign as to opposites but if you have decided to get into relationship with cancer you have to work harder to establish that desired compatibility. Your relationship is quite fragile, handle with due care.

Perhaps with Virgo, Aries can’t at all go together. Life will be hell to say straightforward. Virgo being extra sensitive people can’t handle the blazing desire and straight forward prospective of the Arians. They can’t come in a long standing companionship.

If you are in love with Libra, the creative, admirer and strong beauty lover there will be more a romantic relationship. You u both can prioritise physical intimacy and lack emotional bond. This emotional gap can tear you both apart after a while so you both together can’t have a everlasting Bond.

Talking about Scorpions you can either be too happy or two depressed with one another. It’s an exceptional case but generally Arians can’t go well with scorpions. You should say no for such a match.

Capricorns are good for business partnership but not partnership of life and love, there is a lot of attraction but ego clash disrupts all.

With no Corporation, synchronisation, content and peace Pisces and area big No for wedding match. Its better you don’t go ahead with people of these sun sign.

The 1-11 can turn out to be most happy and ultimate experience the relationship can be everlasting and ultimate experience of great companionship between Aries and Aquarius. Both are lucky for each other and its most suitable match as per the experts.

Arians, you can find true Soul mate in Sagittarius. The 1-9 relation brings nuptial happiness and great understanding. Perhaps Sagittarius is one such sun sign which fits fully to the Arian nature.

For information on zodiac signs, please read the following article: https://aaradhi.com/zodiac-signs/

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